Altra Industrial Motion Corp. to deliver solutions for challenging applications at SPS IPC Drives 2018

26/10/2018 09:44:06
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ImagesClick Image for 300dpi jpg fileAltra Industrial Motion Corp. to deliver solutions for challenging applications at SPS IPC Drives 2018Altra Industrial Motion Corp. to deliver solutions for challenging applications at SPS IPC Drives 2018Altra Industrial Motion Corp. to deliver solutions for challenging applications at SPS IPC Drives 2018Altra Industrial Motion Corp. to deliver solutions for challenging applications at SPS IPC Drives 2018Altra Industrial Motion Corp. to deliver solutions for challenging applications at SPS IPC Drives 2018Altra Industrial Motion Corp. to deliver solutions for challenging applications at SPS IPC Drives 2018

Premier brands of Altra Industrial Motion Corp. including Bauer Gear Motor, Huco Dynatork, Matrix, Stromag, Warner Electric and Warner Linear will be present at SPS IPC Drives 2018. The stand will showcase the latest technologies and solutions tailored to attain the highest industry standards. Visitors will be able to view the latest products, gain advice from product experts and witness live demonstrations from all brands in Hall 3, Stand 270 from 27th-29th November at Nuremburg Messe, Germany.

Six individual models of Matrix Servo Motor Brakes (SMB) will be brought to SPS this year, ranging from the SMB060 45 x 32 mm right up to the SMB155 120 x 44 mm. The standardised range is actively designed to conform with common motor sizes, providing an easy route for operators with regards to servicing and the replacement of SMBs in application.

Honed via magnetic flux optimisation, Matrix SMBs provide a substantial force to size ratio, increasing application versatility. A compact footprint with minimal backlash means the SMB range is ideally suited to precision applications, including those in the medical industry, robotics or machine tools. A unique and innovative friction material incorporated into the design offers further performance benefits, with stable static and dynamic torque within a temperature range of -20°C up to 120°C. The very limited wear of the material also provides an extended brake service life.

To complement the SMB range, Matrix will also be displaying a wide selection of mounting options for SMBs. Options include rear or flange mounting, so SMB brakes can be installed in a variety of orientations depending on end user requirement.

Warner Electric
The WR Series of brakes from Warner Electric offers end users a wide range of options, and SPS visitors will have a chance to view these options first hand. Highlights include the WR213 brake, which, with its optional manual release and micro switch, is ideal for use in powered wheelchairs or scooters. The WR Series Static Holding Brakes range pushes the selection of suitable applications even wider, with a customisation service allowing scope for inclusion in conveyors, machine tools, patient hoists, robotics, power tools and automatic doors. In all cases, end users have access to a range of versatile and highly reliable braking solutions.

Warner Linear
For Warner Linear, electromechanical actuators and actuator controls are an area of rich application and design knowledge. The quiet operating and highly controllable S-Track will be on stand, an actuator which lends itself to applications in the medical and industrial sectors. Rugged B-Track actuators further enhance the Warner Linear display, which offer market-leading load ratings across the range. Finally, the I -Track will be making an appearance, designed specifically for applications requiring a power-off releasing the rod into a floating position. The rod can also be locked in for applications where a floating rod is not required.

Bauer Gear Motor
Those looking to further integrate their geared motors ready for Industry 4.0 should be taking notice of Bauer’s TorqueControl4.0, which offers the ability to collect increased levels of operational data and share it with a supervisory control network. Rapid torque measurement is utilised to shut down the drive during overloading to protect associated equipment, while also enabling adaptive load control – which can improve motor efficiency. A demonstration model will be on stand, allowing visitors to see the clear benefits of this next generation technology.

Solutions for challenging applications also take centre stage. A submersed IP68 Bauer geared motor will be operating on stand, illustrating its proficiency in water and waste water applications. For more hygienic applications, Bauer will also highlight its IP67/69K ingress rated solutions, primarily aimed at the food and beverage sectors. Centre-piece of this display will be a running aseptic drive solution in a water tank, displaying its innate washdown resistance and application suitability.

Huco Dynatork
Precision couplings will be turning heads on the stand, with visitors able to benefit from Huco’s four decades of product know-how. The iconic Oldham disc coupling delivers large misalignment capacity, easy disc replacement and flex-free mechanical properties. Next, the Huco Universal/Lateral Offset coupling provides the internal mechanism of the Oldham together with the benefits of a universal joint to further accommodate both angular and radial misalignment – making its suitable applications very broad indeed.

Universal joints will also be on stand, delivering large off-set capacity, torsional damping and improved resistance to water. A lubricant free, corrosion resistant design makes Huco Universal Joints a wise choice for challenging hygienic applications such as those in the pharmaceutical industry. Rounding off the selection will be the Flex M Membrane disc coupling and the Flex B stainless steel bellows coupling, both of which offer excellent kinematic properties.

Another brand with impeccable industry heritage is Stromag, focusing on high performance brakes and geared cam limit switches during the exhibition. Drawing visitors to stand will be the latest braking solution from Stromag – the Series HPB (High Performance Brake). A spring applied brake for high torque applications (80 Nm to 5,000 Nm) within compact installation spaces, the HPB also offers increased specialisation. Rated up to IP67 for ingress protection, the HPB is designed to take on applications in exceptionally challenging environments, for example wind turbines or marine winches.

Stromag offers its customers a formidable selection of geared cam limit switches for a variety of uses. Models on stand will offer support for cranes, ATEX rated applications, hoists at sea or at steelworks, multi-turn operations, general industrial applications, bucket conveyors, wind turbines and many others. Visitors are encouraged to talk to a Stromag representative on stand to learn more.

Altra Industrial Motion Corp. will be available to discuss your requirements in Hall 3, Stand 270 at SPS IPC Drives at Nuremberg Messe, Nuremberg, Germany from 27th-29th November 2018.

Image Captions:

Image 1: Six individual models of Matrix Servo Motor Brakes (SMB) will be brought to SPS this year.

Image 2: SPS visitors will be able to view the wide range of options that the Warner Electric WR series of brakes offer.

Image 3: The quiet operating and highly controllable Warner Linear S-Track actuator will be on stand.

Image 4: A demonstration model of Bauer’s TorqueControl4.0 will be on stand allowing visitors to see the benefits of this next generation technology.

Image 5: Precision couplings from Huco will be on stand.

Image 6: The new Stromag HPB will be shown on stand this year.

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