Versatile ERX electromagnetic brakes combine flexibility with performance and reliability

07/08/2019 11:26:32
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ImagesClick Image for 300dpi jpg fileVersatile ERX electromagnetic brakes combine flexibility with performance and reliabilityVersatile ERX electromagnetic brakes combine flexibility with performance and reliability

Warner Electric, a brand of Altra Industrial Motion Corp., has released a new range of pre-assembled electromagnetic brakes that offer superior performance for stopping and parking applications. The brakes can be specified in standard, high-torque or high-speed configurations and with a selection of accessories included. Thanks to its modular design and efficient stock holding, Warner Electric is able to offer thousands of variations with a very short lead time.

Complementing the smart design of the ERX range, Warner Electric has developed an easy-to-use configurator that allows engineers and purchasers to reliably order the part they want. Having first chosen between five brake sizes and three friction materials, hub bore diameter instructions are given followed by yes/no choices for the five options available. Once a code is generated and the order is placed, each component part is taken from stock and the complete brake is assembled and shipped.

As standard, the brakes provide braking torque up to 60 Nm and offer dynamic braking on speeds ranging from 2,000 rpm (60 Nm) to 5,000 rpm (5 Nm). The high-torque option increases braking torque to 75 Nm and the high-speed version facilitates between 3,500 rpm (60 Nm) to 7,000 rpm (5 Nm).

All of the brakes are supplied with ‘non-stick’ friction material that has been developed by Warner Electric to stop brakes from seizing whilst closed; of particular use in applications where the brakes are only applied occasionally yet must be relied upon to operate reliably at a moment’s notice.

The five optional features allow customers to specify a hand lever for manual release; an IP54 protection kit; a double brake with two magnets and two friction discs for full redundancy; a ‘silent option’ - better than 55dB(A); and the Warner Electric Sensor (WES) - a contactless solution to monitor the position of the armature and provide feedback on wear measurements.

The WES outperforms traditional electromechanical designs thanks to a very low hysteresis: less than 0.05 mm between the full range of operating temperatures (-40 °C up to 105 °C). Both NPN and NO/NC outputs are available – the former with an integrated pull-up resistor to simplify integration into most PLC-based installations and the latter providing backward compatibility with almost all dry contact switches on the market. An optional analogue ratiometric output is also available, which offers real time wear detection that measures the brake air gap down to 0.15 mm.

The ERX range brings a level of versatility to designers and engineers that is unprecedented for electromagnetic brakes of this type – this will only improve as the maximum braking torque will increase to 400 Nm soon. As part of Altra, Warner Electric is able to support the product performance with a global supply and service network – ensuring that the ERX is a premium solution.

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Image 1-2: Warner Electric’s ERX brakes can be specified in standard, high-torque or high-speed configurations with a selection of accessories.

About Warner Electric

For over 70 years, Warner Electric has grown to become a global leader in electromagnetic clutch & brake solutions. Warner engineers utilise the latest design, materials and manufacturing technologies to develop easy-to-use and install clutches and brakes with longer life and improved accuracy and repeatability. Warner Electric offers the broadest selection of industrial clutches, brakes, controls, web tension systems, sensors and switches available from a single manufacturer.

Reliable Warner Electric components are used in a very wide range of markets including material handling, packaging machinery, food & beverage, elevator & escalator, turf & garden, agriculture and off-highway, forklift, crane and motion control. Applications include conveyors, lift trucks, wrapping machines, servo motors, capping equipment, combines and balers, baggage handling systems, military vehicles, hoist drives and lawn mowers.

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