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Warner Electric’s magnetic headsets with Smooth Torque Technology are revolutionising the global capping industry.  Smooth Torque Technology enables the magnetic headsets to provide constant torque, eliminating the over tightened caps that result from pulsating torque heads, therefore delivering major reduction in variation of removal torque.  The magnetic headsets also generate less shock in the system compared to pulsating torque headsets, enabling longer life of machine components, especially retention knives.

Warner magnetic headsets are 100% interchangeable with major competitors’ headsets; no machine modification is required.  Easy to set up, via visual setting scales for top load and static torque, and also easy to maintain, these capping headsets require no daily, weekly or monthly adjustments.  Their unique design reduces both operating and maintenance costs.  This design enables a much simpler rebuild procedure.  It is much faster to take apart and rebuild (½ the time for rebuild) than competitive headsets. In addition, rebuilds are not required so frequently, as the Warner Electric headsets offer twice the life of competitive units.

This ability to deliver extended life is the result of the smooth torque technology and a combination of additional design features.

First, a unique four dowel pin design reduces wear significantly when compared to the keyed or splined design of competitive units. Second, the bodies of the headsets are constructed in robust stainless steel, enabling them to withstand the harsh environments of the beverage packaging industry.

Third, the headset is equipped with oversized thrust bearings, rather than the standard radial ball bearings used in many competitive models. The thrust bearings are specifically designed for the bottling industry to handle the repeated downward thrust of capping. Fourth, a quad seal helps to protect the bearing, while strategically placed drain holes in the body of the headset allow for fast drainage if anything does get inside the unit. Overall this design helps the units to better withstand harsh environments, including those subject to caustic washdowns.  

Warner Electric offers excellent service, and delivery. Single headsets can usually be supplied from stock, with multiple units for complete machines taking 3-4 weeks on average. In addition, Warner Electric is offering headset rebuild kits, which enable customers to rebuild the magnetic headsets themselves, or the alternative of a factory repair programme, where customers ship their headsets back to the Warner Electric factory for full factory rebuilds and certification. Finally, Warner Electric provides headset exchange programmes that allow customers to receive rebuilt Warner headsets at predetermined times during the year. With this option, customers can choose the programme that best meets their needs.

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