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Barnshaws Hamilton fabrication facility recognised by Scottish Parliament

14/06/2017 11:49:53
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ImagesClick Image for 300dpi jpg fileBarnshaws Hamilton fabrication facility recognised by Scottish ParliamentBarnshaws Hamilton fabrication facility recognised by Scottish Parliament

Barnshaws Section Benders has seen its Hamilton Branch recognised in a Scottish Parliament motion, which highlighted its exceptional contribution to industry in the area. The motion was raised by Margaret Mitchell MSP after a visit to the facility, who was eager to congratulate the business on ‘achieving 23 years of successful trading in Hamilton’.

Barnshaws was founded by Russel Barnshaw in 1969, in Tividale, in the West Midlands, where the HQ is still found today. The company has however also established important facilities in Hamilton, Coseley, Manchester and more recently, Poland. The business specialises in the precision curving of metal for a wide range of applications – in many cases unique expertise that is coupled with associated high quality fabrications work.

The Hamilton branch in particular has contributed steel to a number of structures of distinction, a fact which was acknowledged in the Scottish Parliament. Sculptures such as The Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, the ‘Angel of the Nauld’ a 10m tall metal mermaid at Cumbernauld and the SECC Armadillo building in Glasgow.

The tubular trees at Heathrow Terminal 5 and the ArcelorMittal Orbit in London Olympic Park were also manufactured by, or made with materials from Barnshaws Hamilton Branch. The engineering team there has distinguished itself by developing the techniques used to fabricate large, very precise spiralled sections, an incredibly challenging process even when utilising specialist bending techniques.

Greg North, Commercial Director at Barnshaws, commented: “It is an honour to be recognised by the Scottish Parliament with regards to our work at the Barnshaws Hamilton Branch. For 23 years we have supported engineering and construction projects in Scotland with high quality metal products, so to gain national recognition for this contribution shows the standards which we attain as a business. We will continue to support the Scottish economy with our expertise, helping to bring future infrastructure projects to life.”

Margaret Mitchell MSP added: “After visiting the Hamilton facility it was clear the level of inherent expertise present in the business. It’s great to have an example of a success story in Scottish Industry, right here in Hamilton. The distinct buildings, sculptures and projects the facility has helped create already is a testament to that.”

Scottish Parliament further acknowledged the ‘expertise of the workforce in Hamilton that has contributed steel to many renowned attractions and buildings’ and wished ‘all those involved at Barnshaws continued success for the future.’

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Photo Captions:

Photo 1: ‘(Left to right) Margaret Mitchell MSP for Central Scotland stands next to Barbara Powell, Company Manager at Barnshaws Hamilton, during a visit to the fabrication facility.’

Photo 2: Barnshaws Section Benders specialise in the precision curving of metal for a wide range of applications – in many cases unique expertise that is coupled with associated high quality fabrications work.

About Barnshaws

Established in 1969, Barnshaws has grown to become the world’s premier specialist profile bending company; supplying market sectors such as construction, power generation, mining, transport and general manufacturing with shaped beams, tubes, plate and other profile section materials. More recent developments have seen the company’s engineering expertise expand from mostly steel to non-ferrous materials including copper and aluminium as well as specialist materials such as Hardox.

Barnshaws has ISO 9001- 2008 approval and was Europe’s first bending company to achieve CE Marking of curved sections to Execution class 4, the highest standard available.

With facilities in the West Midlands, Manchester, Hamilton and Poland, Barnshaws can provide precision metal bending and profile cutting services, locally, nationally and internationally.

Equipped with the largest capacity bending machines in the world, Barnshaws can deliver curved sections up to 35 meters in length with the capacity to bend tubes and pipes up to 1,524mm outside diameter. In addition, the largest range of press brakes in the UK can accommodate materials up to 12 meters in length and form sections from materials with up to 80mm thickness.

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