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Barnshaws offers expanded induction bending capacity for 32” pipes

13/03/2018 11:46:51
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ImagesClick Image for 300dpi jpg fileBarnshaws offers expanded induction bending capacity for 32” pipes

Staying at the top of your industry requires constant investment, a methodology that Barnshaws Section Benders is applying with the introduction of a new high capacity induction bending machine. Already considered the world’s premier section bending company, Barnshaws is now offering customers induction pipe bending up to a size of 32” from its headquarters in Tividale.

The new capacity has been added to further support end users in the oil and gas, structural and machinery markets. Induction bending offers an advantage in the fact that it reduces many of the problems usually associated with cold bending pipes, such as wall thinning and distortion of the section. Instead, a coil heats a focused area of the pipe, and immediately afterwards cold water is applied to cool the newly curved shape. This results in a tube bending process which allows tight radii to be achieved without compromising the integrity of the pipe.

Preserving this internal profile on such a large scale is ideal for end users. Sections with consistent internal profiles can be used on pipelines as they do not constrict flow, whilst also minimising welding requirements. This is especially important for end users, as eliminating fabrication steps provides an expedited solution.

As well as tackling large pipes, Barnshaws can also offer the same induction pipe bending service down to 2” sections. Furthermore, due to the versatility of the process, multiple bends can even be incorporated on the same section. This can include different radii if required, allowing end users to specify the perfect pipe section for their needs. Full traceability is offered as standard, as well as all relevant certifications.

The new machine represents a large investment for Barnshaws. Increased demand for precision curved steel tubes has pushed the business towards expanding its operational capacity, which is already supplemented by some of the most specialist bending machines on the planet. This inherent bending capacity means that Barnshaws customers can expect shorter lead times on orders, as well as improved capability. Enhanced capability now means that Barnshaws can easily take on tube bending for larger pipeline projects, which are prevalent in the oil and gas sectors.

Greg North, Commercial Director at Barnshaws, commented on the improved facilities: “This new induction bending machine is one of largest of its kind, and gives us increased ability to support requirements for pipes in demanding industries. Our focus on metal bending quality and accuracy means we are well placed to service customers in a variety of sectors, where fabrication standards are high. While we operate a number of similar machines, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our service, and offer more choice to our customers.”

Photo Caption: Barnshaws is now offering customers induction pipe bending up to a size of 32” from its headquarters in Tividale.

About Barnshaws

Established in 1969, Barnshaws has grown to become the world’s premier specialist profile bending company; supplying market sectors such as construction, power generation, mining, transport and general manufacturing with shaped beams, tubes, plate and other profile section materials. More recent developments have seen the company’s engineering expertise expand from mostly steel to non-ferrous materials including copper and aluminium as well as specialist materials such as Hardox.

Barnshaws has ISO 9001:2015 approval and was Europe’s first bending company to achieve CE Marking of curved sections to Execution class 4, the highest standard available.

With facilities in the West Midlands, Manchester, Hamilton and Poland, Barnshaws can provide precision metal bending and profile cutting services, locally, nationally and internationally.

Equipped with the largest capacity bending machines in the world, Barnshaws can deliver curved sections up to 35 meters in length with the capacity to bend tubes and pipes up to 1,524mm outside diameter. In addition, the largest range of press brakes in the UK can accommodate materials up to 12 meters in length and form sections from materials with up to 80mm thickness.

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