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One Robolux replaces two traditional shut-off diaphragm valves;
eliminating dead legs and tee-pieces and reducing welds.
Burkert’s Robolux valves reduce by a half- or more - the number of valves, diaphragms, pipe fittings and welds required in hygienic processing solutions such as filtration and water purification. As a result, they reduce installation space, complexity and cost for the process engineer, and deliver reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs.
The innovative multi-port Robolux valves improve process design, particularly in downstream processes, and in other application situations in which valuable products are handled. They deliver substantial operating benefits with a patented design that achieves independent process switching functions with one diaphragm. This technology makes it possible to replace two traditional shut-off diaphragm valves and at the same time eliminate all dead legs and one tee-piece with one single valve.
Projecting these savings into a system using four conventional valves; only two Robolux units would be required and the same number of diaphragms; the number of tee- pieces would also be reduced from two to zero, and four welds would be eliminated.
As well as delivering equipment and installation savings, the fact that the Robolux design eliminates all dead legs means that sterility is easier to ensure and maintain. It also means faster shifts and reduced risk of cross contamination. Added to these benefits, the compact design of the valves means a minimal hold-up volume and increased product yields, with less chemical wastage.
Robolux valves are supplied with either manual or pneumatic actuators in sizes from ¼” to 2” (DN4 -50). They are manufactured with a choice of body types: 316-L stainless steel, ultra-pure polypropylene, polypropylene USP V1 and PVDF (polyvinyl-difluoride). The valves also offer the widest range of diaphragm materials to suit all types of media, including EPDM, FKM, PFA/ EPDM, PTFE, Silicone and PFR91.
Robolux valves hold all major certifications: FDA, CE, USP V, USP VI, ATEX, 3.1 and are applicable worldwide. They are used successfully in chromatography, but are also suitable for a wider range of applications including CIP/SIP processes, UF/MF filtration and filling and formulation.
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