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Burkert’s new eCONTROL 8611 is the first modular control system designed for seamless integration into multiple closed loop cooling systems. Extremely compact, the decentralised eControl cuts equipment costs by providing users with one multi-function controller for flow, pressure and temperature. The unit integrates P.I. and cascade temperature control, has multiple input and output possibilities and offers two way communications with PLCs or other controllers.
The multi-function eCONTROL 8611 offers the most cost effective method to decentralise control in closed cooling loops. The flow controller integrates sensor and controller into a single housing and all units provide actuation of process and proportional valves from one consolidated controller, with resultant benefits to the user of lower overall equipment and installation costs, and improved product quality.
The integration of proportional/integral and cascaded temperature control into the Type 8611, together with dual indication of process values (i.e. temperature and flow), mean that the controller is unparalleled in its field. In addition, the open system architecture of the unit’s internal hardware and software design allows the system to be customised exactly to the user’s application.
The eControl 8611 offers the benefit of working with pneumatically or electrically driven systems. Its compact design allows uncomplicated installation, as an integral part of the flow sensor, or as a wall, or DIN-rail mounted controller. The unit offers users the choice of 4-20mA, external frequency and PT100 (RTD) inputs and the flexibility of 4 analogue or digital outputs to enable customisation. In addition, the Type 8611 controller also interfaces seamlessly with Bürkert’s broad range of sensors and control valves, providing wider system capabilities to users.                                                                                
The many benefits provided by the eControl 8611: lower equipment costs, reduced size and system complexity and easier installation mean that the unit is ideal for application in a wide range of applications: plastics and metal processing, die casting, blow moulding, injection moulding, grinding, thermoforming, robot welding and pulp and paper processing.
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