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Bürkert has integrated solenoid valves with analogue & digital I/O modules & fieldbus communications from all leading PLC vendors: Siemens, Rockwell and many more.
Burkert’s AirLINE Type 8644 Remote Process Actuation and Control System integrates total I/O requirements, including - for the first time- analogue modules, into a single, compact, DIN rail-mounted assembly. The AirLINE 8644 system overcomes plant standardisation and communication protocol issues by integrating Burkert high performance solenoid valves with analogue and digital I/O modules and fieldbus communications from all market-leading PLC vendors, including Siemens, Rockwell, GE Fanuc, Bosch, Beckhoff, Phoenix Contact, WAGO and Hitachi.
Calculated to save up to 40% on total system costs through the engineering efficiencies achieved, the series 8644 provides users with a remote field I/O network which is compact, reliable and not exclusive to any specific communication protocol. The remote process actuation and control system combines digital I/O, including a full complement of solenoid pilot valve outputs, digital and analogue I/O, including direct RTDs and T/Cs, and speciality signals (RS232, high speed counters, etc) into a single node. The system enables pneumatic solenoid valves to be electrically connected directly to a remote I/O module, without any individual coil wiring, numbering or termination required; each valve is simply a digital output addressed by the network
All components of the AirLINE 8644 are modular, allowing enclosures to be easily customised to specific requirements of size, flow and switching function. Moreover, fieldbus connectivity – including DeviceNet and Profibus - is provided via customer-defined standard industrial fieldbus communications.
 The Burkert AirLINE supports virtually any process field device — pneumatic or electronic. The system’s modular construction permits configuration of customized and pre-mounted/pre-tested solutions that are ideal for applications where flexibility and low cost are of importance. Depending upon the application, the system can incorporate up to 13 modules (2x and 8x module types), with a maximum of 64 valves accepted.
The AirLINE 11 mm- and 16 mm-wide solenoid pilot valves are available in 3/2, 5/2, 5/3 standard  and 5/2 latching functions. These valves offer flow rates from 180 to 700 litres per minute. They incorporate Burkert’s innovative rocker technology, which permits them to handle high pressures (up to 10bar) whilst maintaining fast response times and minimising power consumption. In addition, rocker technology enables higher valve cycle life to be achieved.
The Bürkert 8644 system is ideally suited to systems and processes in water treatment, transportation and automotive, food and beverage manufacture,  pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, semiconductor manufacturing, cosmetics, pulp and paper processing, chemicals, textile dyeing and drying equipment.
The AirLINE system can be used in conjunction with the following complementary Burkert technologies: type 8175 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter; type 8032 Inline Rotor Flow Transmitter/Switch; type 6212 Solenoid Valve (w/optional diagnostic function); type 2012 ON/OFF Globe Valve; type 8630 TOP Control System; and type 1062 Electrical Position Feedback Assembly.
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