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Burkert’s new FreeLINE 8645 is a completely decentralised process automation solution with a higher type of protection IP65/IP67, offering all the freedoms of distributed I/O systems without the cost and complexity of installation in control cabinets.
The FreeLINE system offers the highest levels of flexibility, integrating fieldbus, I/O and pilot valves for use in the most demanding process environments. Meeting the most stringent demands with regard to ease of installation, reliability and ease of maintenance, the system offers extensive options for implementing any required control solution using any order of pneumatic and electrical modules with inte­grated valves and feedback inputs.
The versatility of the FreeLINE design allows pneumatic and electrical modules to be arranged in any sequence required. This flexible configuration means that, in addition to employing the valve unit as a central station, it is possible to use decentralised single modules and/or to combine one central station with decentralised units.
Importantly for ease of installation, FreeLlNE can be controlled as a multi-pin system or operated as a fieldbus system. All conventional fieldbus protocols can be used (Profibus, CANopen or DeviceNet, and Ethernet is currently also in preparation).   
This level of flexibility is achieved by a connection system containing a parallel loop-through of the lines for multi-pin systems and also serial feed-­through for the bus systems. In addition to the existing 32 connections, 16 additional input lines and 16 additional output lines can also be made available by using inter­mediate supply modules.
This also allows relatively large systems to be implemented simply and cost-effectively. For maximum functionality in the field bus area, there is an option for integrating further distributed remote I/O terminals or individual modules via an integrated sub-bus system.
In addition to its advanced protection and integration features, the FreeLINE 8645 also addresses what has been a traditional problem of identifying valve station error messages using blink codes. FreeLlNE overcomes this problem by providing greater transparency for the user. Integrating the diagnostic interface into the fieldbus module lets dia­gnostic messages be output in plain text, (e.g. on a laptop). Moreover, the interface also allows software up­dates without having to exchange electrical components, as was often the case in the past.
The Bürkert 8645 system is ideally suited to systems and processes in water treatment,  food and beverage manufacture,  pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, semiconductor manufacturing, cosmetics, pulp and paper processing, chemicals, textile dyeing and drying equipment.
The AirLINE system can be used in conjunction with the following complementary Burkert technologies: type 8175 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter; type 0498 Double Pilot Controlled Check Valve; type 6212 Solenoid Valve (w/optional diagnostic function); type 2012 ON/OFF Globe Valve; and type 1062 Electrical Position Feedback Assembly.
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