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First working system with new controller on show at IWEX 2008.

The first working example of Burkert’s new 8620 mxControl multi-parameter controller is being demonstrated on the company’s stand (F32) at IWEX 2008. Designed and built by Chemical Support Systems Ltd (CSS), of Winsford, the 8620 system is providing control of conductivity, pH, Redox, level, flow and pumps, in an integrated chemical dosing system for a cooling tower treatment project in the paper industry.

CSS specified the mxControl for the project due to the size and functionality of the unit, and for the fact that the 8620 controller sets a new benchmark for cost-cutting solutions in chemical and skid control applications. Although less than half the size of “first- generation” integrated multi-function controllers, the 8620 system nevertheless packs in more features and processing power.

The Burkert controller can easily be configured to display, transmit and record flow, pressure, pH/ORP, conductivity, O2, CL2, Level, and temperature. In addition, proportional/integral and cascaded temperature control with dual indication of process values (i.e. temperature and flow), make the device unparalleled in its field. In fact, especially so, as the open system architecture of the unit’s internal hardware and software design allows the system to be customised exactly to almost any application.

“I know the term “one-stop-shop” is over used nowadays, but that’s exactly what the new Burkert 8620 controller is,” said Syd Williams Managing Director of CSS Ltd, a specialist supplier of water treatment systems to major organisations worldwide. “What we are finding is that, as global competition increases for water treatment OEM’s, they’re driving suppliers to provide lower cost innovative control solutions.”

“The Burkert mxCONTROL 8620 is an answer to this problem. As a multi-parameter transmitter it integrates all the discrete functions that were simply used as signal conditioners sending analogue inputs to PLC’s, into a single control platform. As a result it reduces controller & instrumentation costs substantially; in some cases by half.”

About CSS Ltd.

CSS Ltd have been producing chemical treatment equipment for blue-chip  customers in the Paper, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Automotive, Food and Pharmaceutical industries for over 28-year’s. Based in Winsford, Cheshire, the company has a team of highly experienced mechanical and electrical engineers that assess requirements on customer sites. These requirements are consolidated into designs at CSS’s purpose-built engineering office, which is equipped with the latest engineering software, and developed into working systems backed by experienced installation and commissioning engineers.

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