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Burkert’s new mxControl multi-parameter controller automates the precise control of process variables within a water treatment system (boiler, cooling or Reverse Osmosis system), by integrating all the control, monitoring, display, and data and event logging functions into one compact, easy- to- configure controller. The mxControl accepts analog inputs from flow, pH, temperature, level, analytical and conductivity sensors, and provides high level computations to optimize the water treatment process. In addition, the controller delivers savings on time, space and equipment costs: one controller hardware specification providing dozens of configuration possibilities, all of which can be quickly downloaded via SD card (supplied) or via USB or optional Ethernet interface.

The mxCONTROL 8620 is the first modular control system designed for seamless integration into countless chemical or skid control applications. The controller meets the dynamic and exacting requirements of water treatment systems in all sectors of industry, commerce, healthcare, public service and bio-medical. Employing high-level software, the controller provides the continuous on-line monitoring and process control required to achieve higher degrees of precision and improved reliability and quality assurance in today’s demanding water treatment systems.

The flexible control and easy adaptation to processes provided by the mxControl is the result of a high level software architecture. This enables all standard modules to be easily loaded by SD Card or USB. Alternatively, the optional Ethernet interface can be used to configure and to parameterise the controller, or an operator can simply set and display all important variables and parameters by five soft-touch keys. Once this is achieved, sophisticated electronics and state- of- the- art control algorithms ensure that optimum process control is maintained at all times, with the minimum of operator intervention. Moreover, operating security can be tailored to individual applications with three levels of man-machine interface available: Open Access, Operator Only Access, or Specialist Access.     
Key to this high level, automated control provided by the mxControl is a 32-bit micro-controller. This is supported by an integrated 512kByte flash memory, for data logging, or additional languages. In addition, extended facility for data logging is provided by an SD memory card which simply slots into the controller.

What this processing power means for the user is that the mxControl is able to support up to a maximum of eight active control loops with minimum sample periods (for 8 active loops) of 100ms (50ms for 4 active loops). This could involve processing up to four analogue, two RTD, four digital inputs, five relay outputs, four transistor outputs - and an optional four analogue outputs (4 – 20 mA) – a total of 21 I/O – simultaneously.

The control / supervisory functions provided by the mxControl are virtually unlimited due to the unit’s functionality and flexible software configuration. However, a primary list includes: Conductivity Control, which features on/off control, PI-controlled continuous dosing through pulses, automatic or manual bleed off; Chlorine / Redox and pH control, both of which offer on/off control, and PI-controlled continuous dosing through pulses; Flow Control, with K-factoring; and Biocide Dosing, a 14- day program, featuring 8 dosing events per channel (2) and per day. These are complemented by additional features such as display, transmission and recording of pressure, pH/ORP, conductivity, O2, CL2, level, temperature and TDS, frequency filter, password protection, alarm output, engineering units and an inverse function for on/off and proportional control.

Safeguarding the continuous operation of the mxControl against the elements is IP65 (NEMA 4X) ingress protection; this is effective when the door of the unit is closed. Further safeguards are provided by the unit’s sturdy screw terminals and cable glands; and by the 10-year life of the replaceable Lithium battery which backs up the mxControl’s real-time clock. The controller meets EN 61000, EN 55011, as regards European EMC standards, IEC 68 as regards Environmental directives, and is CE marked. UL/CSA approvals are pending.

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