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Bürkert’s new Power I/O Box type 8643 is designed to connect binary signals to Foundation Fieldbus H1 or Profibus PA in process systems – easily, cost effectively and safely. ATEX approved for operation in Zones 1 and 21, the Type 8643 is currently one of the few products on the market which meets all explosion-protection requirements, as well as offering users maximum flexibility regarding intrinsically safe actuator and sensor technology.

The Power I/O Box type 8643 replaces conventional discrete cabling with a modular multiplexed system, saving space, cabling costs, and time during verification and documentation of safety procedures. The device is suitable for use in areas subject to explosion hazards, such as in petrochemicals, oil and gas, the pharmaceutical industry, water treatment and fine chemistry. For use in these sectors, the device is available either in an aluminium or polyester casing with IP65 protection, or as an electronic module with IP20/IP30 protection for installation in Ex-e enclosures or control cabinets. In addition, the 8643 has reliable galvanic isolation between its power supply, bus port and inputs and outputs, making it safe and easy to install.

The design of the Type 8643 integrates 4 intrinsically safe digital outputs, making possible the control of a wide range of intrinsically safe actuators such as solenoid valves (4 maximum), relays or indicator lights. These outputs are complemented by  intrinsically safe digital inputs, which allow the connection of up to 8 Namur proximity switches. The ‘open’ nature of the inputs and outputs allows a broad range of sensors to be employed, ensuring that users are not limited to a specific manufacturer when selecting actuator or sensor technology.

Designed with an FF H1 interface, the Type 8643 offers digital output (DO) and digital input (DI) function blocks in a number of different combinations to meet the entire demands programmers place on such systems. Two versions of the device are available to suit different bus concepts. The 2-conductor version is for the Ex-e bus; this requires no separate cabling, due to the available current of up to 1.5 amperes. The second, 4-conductor version, is for the Ex-i bus (FISCO). With this system the usable power from the bus is limited, requiring a separate voltage source.

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