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Burkert’s new ELEMENT system sets a higher benchmark in process measurement and control. It provides a complete systems approach, linking clean line valves, sensors, positioners and valve actuators in a simple architecture to solve total control loop processes. With unlimited modularity, ELEMENT saves processing time by offering total control solutions for media from slurries to steam, and from de-ionized water to hydrochloric acid.

ELEMENT proves the adage that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, providing a modular programme of process control products that combine effortlessly to deliver solutions to specific process requirements, whether they be in environmentally aggressive or hygienic areas. The products include valves for on/off and modulating control, and sensors for ph/ORP, conductivity and level; plus digital positioners, control heads and actuators, all of which are designed for valve mounting, delivering maximum space saving and performance. In addition, the integration of backlit displays and coloured status lights on many ELEMENT products, enables users to have more interaction and transparency in their systems, by being able to quickly determine diagnostic messages at a glance.

 Autonomous and highly flexible, ELEMENT makes possible control solutions that would otherwise require control cubicles; and it does so with considerably less investment in planning, assembly and maintenance, as well as wiring and pneumatic hose connections. Key to these advantages is the physical nature of the ELEMENT control platform, and the system’s connectivity, both local and distributed.

The ELEMENT platform is rugged and clean, featuring clean- line control products that combine the chemical characteristics of engineered polymers with the endurance and finish of stainless steel. As a result, ELEMENT products are easy to clean: there is no paint to flake, no interstices to collect dirt, and – importantly- no pneumatic lines to protrude. Moreover, the fact that the ELEMENT units offer simple maintenance in a throwaway society means they are more environmentally friendly than other current solutions.                                                                                           

As regards connectivity, local distributed intelligence and, at the same time, full connection to the superior co-ordinating level, is provided in an optimal device design for a wide range of applications. Burkert’s ongoing development in combining control and communications technology with process hardware is unparalleled, with factory floor communications and status monitoring available via simple 4-20mA or
via a range of digital protocols.

In addition, ELEMENT valves and sensors can also be linked via Burkert’s AirLINE 8644 system. This overcomes plant standardisation and communication protocol issues, by integrating Burkert high performance solenoid valves with analogue and digital I/O modules and fieldbus communications from all market-leading PLC vendors, including Siemens, Rockwell, GE Fanuc, Bosch, Beckhoff, Phoenix Contact, WAGO and Hitachi.

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