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Burkert has extended its 8070/8071 range of positive displacement flow meters for the measurement of high viscosity fluids, such as glue, honey and oil. The range now extends from 1/8” to 4”, providing metering with high levels of accuracy (≤0.5% F.S.) for difficult- to- measure fluids with viscosities up to 1-m centipoise.

The 8070/8071 flow meters are unaffected by the problem of high viscosities encountered with paddle wheel type flow meters. Instead, they are designed with a pair of meshed (geared) oval rotors that rotate under fluid pressure in an engineered measuring chamber. This arrangement, with precision Stainless Steel or PPS gears and FKM seals as standard, is characterised by its high levels of reliability, its ability to be used on horizontal, vertical and gravity applications, and its accuracy, which is better than 0.5% of F.S. reading on larger models. In addition, the efficacy of the design means that the meters are not affected by pulsating flow, - they can be used with membrane pumps - and they have only a minimal pressure drop: up to 0.5 bar when correctly sized.

Precise sensing of flow on the 8070/71 flow meters is accomplished via magnets in the geared rotors. These actuate switches as they rotate and generate pulses; each pulse equates to a known volume of fluid. The switches are Reed or Hall Effect sensors, which can be ‘mixed and matched’ to suit individual applications. However, for operations in hazardous areas where this type of sensing is not allowed, Burkert offers mechanical versions of the flow meters; these drive a gearbox to an associated display unit. The accuracy of these units is better than +/- 1% of reading.
The 8070/71 flow meters are available with the choice of Aluminium, PPS, or Stainless bodies to cater for the widest range of applications. They can be rated up to IP65, and are suitable for operation at temperatures up to 80 degrees C with standard PPS rotors, (min temperature -40 degrees C). Optional higher temperature rotors can extend operation to 120 degrees C. In addition, for applications where viscosities exceed 1,000cps, Burkert can provide high viscosity rotors.

Each individual 8070/71 flow meter is supplied with its own traceable Metrology Calibration Report. The units are supplied as standard with BSP connections (1/8” to 4”) with NPT (F) as an option.

Also available are remote mountable displays, transmitter and batch control modules, plus ATEX-approved flow sensors.  When combined with their robust construction, precise but highly durable operating mode and high levels of ingress protection, the 8070/71 flow meters, can be safely employed across the widest range of industry sectors: Food and Beverage, Oil and Gas, Chemical, Fuel, Extraction Industries, Marine, Water and Waste Treatment, Cement, Steel and many more.

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