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ECS to refurbish three strategic Lincolnshire pumping stations

07/03/2019 14:04:44
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ImagesClick Image for 300dpi jpg fileECS to refurbish three strategic Lincolnshire pumping stations

The Environment Agency has awarded a three part contract to ECS Engineering Services, which collectively upgrades the flood defence capability of the low lying Isle of Axhome region of North Lincolnshire.

The contract covers work at three separate pumping stations, Good Cop, Bull Hassocks, and Candy Farm. West of the River Trent and between Doncaster, Scunthorpe and Gainsborough, much of the Isle is flat topography and renowned for its arable farming and rich peat soil.

“The area is subject to variable water levels, which in-part accounts for its fertility. The levels are controlled via a network of the pumping stations and drainage channels,” observes ECS’s Business Development Manager Steve Crapper.

The main work undertaken at Good Cop will be the removal of the old, life-expired weed screen cleaner and its replacement with a new one. This will require the installation of a new automated weed screen cleaner for collecting debris, seasonal weed build up and transferring it to a skip, from where it will periodically be collected.

The screen cleaner serves a relatively large drainage channel, being 12m wide and 2.8m deep with a flow rate of around 0.4m/s, with the grab able to lift loads of up to 270kg. This will be made by ECS’s supply partner company Landustrie.

At the Bull Hassocks pumping station the screen cleaner is to be fitted with a new grab unit. Steve again: “We looked at various options for this part of the contact. The screen was fine and did not need replacing. We appraised and costed refurbishing the existing grab, but in fact it turned out more cost effective to replace it with a new one.” Bull Hassock is also to get a new standby generator, along with the Candy Farm site, with the original units reaching the end of their service life.

These generators are vital for the reliable performance of the pumping stations. Due to their location storms can blow in off the North Sea and disrupt the mains power supply, the generators provide the resilience that ensures reliable operation in the worst possible conditions.

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About ECS Engineering Services

ECS Engineering Services has over 20 years experience in delivering high quality, reliable and cost effective engineering solutions, specialising in bespoke design and construction of water, energy and environmental processing and management projects.

In conjunction with key supply partners, ECS has the expertise and capacity to design and install a wide range of water control engineering projects. With in-house fabrication services, which have CE Marking approval to EXC3, well equipped and highly skilled engineers can also complete structural steelwork, bespoke fabrication work and access metalwork to the highest standard.

With a complete range of site services available, ECS offers a full turnkey project managed service for mechanical and electrical installations including managing civils contractors and supplying pipework, control and automation work to ensure that every installation is installed and commissioned to the highest standard. Existing clients include the majority of the UK Water Utility companies, Government Agencies and Internal Drainage Boards.

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