Top fifth wheel helps new show stopping truck put in haulage miles

13/02/2017 12:52:59
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ImagesClick Image for 300dpi jpg fileTop fifth wheel helps new show stopping truck put in haulage milesTop fifth wheel helps new show stopping truck put in haulage milesTop fifth wheel helps new show stopping truck put in haulage milesTop fifth wheel helps new show stopping truck put in haulage miles

Fifth wheels do not often make it into the limelight but Jannine Burt, Regional Fleet & Sales Manager for JOST UK, felt like a winner at this year’s Truckfest Northwest when her long-term client and close friend, James Richardson, of Richardson Transport marked his return to the show ring with a three trophy win.

James’s Volvo FH16-750 tag-axle tractor unit won second place as the ‘Best Kept Overall New Truck', came third in the ‘Best Kept Custom & Paintwork' category and was also presented with the Martin Rigby Memorial Award. This was his first competition for some time, as he has kept busy for the last several years building up his family business.

“James’s new truck looks stunning and deserved its success at Truckfest,” says Jannine. “I have known James for 15 years or more and was delighted when he told me he was going to be competing in shows again.

“JOST has been supporting the Richardson Transport fleet with fifth wheels, landing legs and other equipment for many years, and it has been great to follow how James took over the business from his father and is now bringing the next generation of his family into the business.”

First and foremost fifth wheels have to be reliable and safe. They also have to be easy to operate, so that coupling and uncoupling are efficiently completed. For this reason James consulted with Jannine at Jost and decided that the best option would be to choose a JOST low maintenance air sliding fifth wheel for the new Volvo.

“We don’t just show the truck, it is a working vehicle too,” says James. “It will be based at our depot in Newton-upon-Derwent, Yorkshire and will do at least 50,000km a year, mainly on one of our key contracts – delivering nearly a quarter of a million eggs at a time to a plant that makes influenza vaccine.”

On each run the tractor will haul one of the company's four air-suspended refrigerated trailers. These are fitted with special internal air bags that inflate to secure trolleys carrying the eggs in place during transit.

"We have three vehicles dedicated to this job and they run seven days a week. Each load weighs 15 tonnes and as the eggs are collected from farms all over the UK, the trucks have to cope with both rough country tracks and long miles on the motorways. The fifth wheels are thus subject to flying muck, dirt and stones, hail, rain and snow, but with 15 years experience I have every faith in the JOST units.”

When it is not delivering eggs, the new ‘Siberian’ truck will be busy on other Richardson runs, including turf transportation and general haulage.

The Volvo has quickly become known as the Siberian because of the image of a tiger appearing to rip its way out of the rear of the cab. Creating the truck was a nine-month labour of love and required the skills of many people and organisations.

It started life with Coles & Sons of Banbury creating a full, smooth chassis infill from 6mm aluminium alloy and fitting front Trux bull bar, side skirts, rear ‘Dutch-style' lights and the top cab infill panel. It was then sprayed jet black and lacquered to perfection in Barnsley’s LA Spray Shop. Finally Custom Painthouse in Rotherham added their creative flair, including the tiger. Lights, horns, alloys and other accessories completed what James now describes as ‘the best truck ever!’

Jannine sums up her feelings: “James and so many other people have put their heart and soul into this truck – and have created a real showstopper. At JOST we take pride in knowing that our fifth wheel is working hard and helping this wonderful looking truck be a safe and viable fleet vehicle, as well as a showground stunner.”

Photo Caption: Pictures 1-4: James Richardson, of Richardson Transport marked his return to the show ring with three trophy wins in his Volvo FH16-750 tag-axle tractor unit.

About JOST:

JOST is a leading global producer and supplier of safety-critical systems to the truck and trailer industry. The Company offers branded, quality products clustered in three systems: Vehicle Interface (focusing on products required to operate a commercial vehicle combination of trucks and trailers such as fifth wheels and landing gears), Handling Solutions (including container technology and hydraulic cylinders products) and Maneuvering (focusing on truck and trailer axles and forced steering). As the number one supplier of fifth wheels and landing gears globally, JOST is the market leader for Vehicle Interface systems. JOST’s global leadership position is driven by the strength of its brands, by its long-standing client relationships serviced through its global distribution network as well as by its efficient and asset-light business model.

The Company’s core brands “JOST”, “Rockinger”, “TRIDEC” and “Edbro” are well-recognized in the industry and highly regarded for their quality and continuous innovation. With its global distribution network and production facilities in thirteen countries across five continents, JOST has direct access to all major truck and trailer manufacturers and relevant end customers. JOST currently employs about 2,700 members of staff worldwide.

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