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14/11/2018 10:38:04
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Building new trailers to meet the demands of the commercial freight industry is a complex task and one that requires particular attention to detail. JOST UK supplies many of the best components on the market from the industry’s leading brands.

Phil Ashton – Sales and Marketing Director, Montracon

As a trailer manufacturer, we aim to deliver the best product to the customer, ensuring that the specification meets the needs of the application. To that end, we believe in offering high quality products that will deliver reliable and long-lasting service.

For this reason, we specify JOST as our standard; some manufactures use components such as landing legs that have been manufactured in China and are sold under a well-known brand. We discounted this option because of a lack of reliability and the cost that would have on our brand reputation.

JOST has a great brand awareness; it has a reputation for quality products that are easily accessible and parts are easy to source.

We have experienced problems in the past with components from some other manufacturers, so our standard build uses the JOST family of component. Less than 2% of our customers request a different manufacturer as part of the build specification.

The same is also true for tipping cylinders, where we have made the Edbro cylinder the standard specification. This product really sets the benchmark for hydraulic components and with the rare exception, it is the only tipping cylinder that will be fitted to our trailers.

Customers understand the importance of reliability and keeping these trailers in work equates to more income for the business. When customers are comparing the price of our trailers against the competition, it is important that we explain the benefits of our standard build specification and the reduced cost of maintenance over the trailer’s life.

As a company, we continually invest in our manufacturing facilities, such as the new paint line in Doncaster which gives a more durable, high quality finish. This is another example of a standard item that gives us an advantage over the competition, but may be taken for granted by the customer.

Danny Broomfield – JOST UK Sales Director

Quality and reliability are the cornerstones of the haulage industry as well as being the watchwords of JOST. Our family of brands include JOST, EDBRO, ROCKINGER, TRIDEC and JOST Axle Systems. All the products within this family are designed and manufacturers with the highest quality levels in mind.

JOST UK supplies the full range of products to body builders, operators and aftermarket professionals to deliver a one-stop-shop to keep commercial vehicles operating profitably throughout their life.

By specifying our high-quality components, operators are investing in their equipment and minimising downtime associated with repairs.

At the same time, implementing new technologies can benefit some operators more than others. The introduction of disc braking systems to the UK market has been a little slower than in the rest of Europe but JOST is helping to overcome any reticence by offering class-leading support. In some cases, the vehicle mechanics may voice concern over their ability to maintain the new system and keep the trailers on the road. JOST has been quick to offer a complete maintenance kit for all their products including the special tools required for replacing seals and bearings.

Photograph Caption : JOST UK supplies the full range of products to body builders, operators and aftermarket professionals to deliver a one-stop-shop to keep commercial vehicles operating profitably throughout their life.

About JOST:

JOST is a leading global producer and supplier of safety-critical systems to the truck and trailer industry. The Company offers branded, quality products clustered in three systems: Vehicle Interface (focusing on products required to operate a commercial vehicle combination of trucks and trailers such as fifth wheels and landing gears), Handling Solutions (including container technology and hydraulic cylinders products) and Maneuvering (focusing on truck and trailer axles and forced steering). As the number one supplier of fifth wheels and landing gears globally, JOST is the market leader for Vehicle Interface systems. JOST’s global leadership position is driven by the strength of its brands, by its long-standing client relationships serviced through its global distribution network as well as by its efficient and asset-light business model.

The Company’s core brands “JOST”, “Rockinger”, “TRIDEC” and “Edbro” are well-recognized in the industry and highly regarded for their quality and continuous innovation. With its global distribution network and production facilities in thirteen countries across five continents, JOST has direct access to all major truck and trailer manufacturers and relevant end customers. JOST currently employs about 2,700 members of staff worldwide.

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