New JOST eco-friendly organic grease for fifth wheel couplings

23/04/2019 15:51:16
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As the market leader in vehicle connection systems and components for truck and trailer applications, JOST is continually innovating to offer its customers industry leading performance. Its latest innovation is a high-performance lubricant for its fifth wheel couplings that is completely biodegradable. The eco-friendly solution was launched in the UK in March 2019.

Conventional connections between truck and trailer are made of steel and need to be lubricated regularly in order to avoid wear and damage.

Under normal operating conditions, a fifth wheel coupling requires about 10 kilograms of lubricating grease per year. With a vehicle fleet of around 600,000 vehicles in Europe, this makes around 6,000 tons per year. This high amount of grease requires an eco-friendly solution like the biodegradable organic grease.

With the development of the electronically controlled LubeTronic system, JOST has already succeeded in reducing the amount of grease needed to about 1.6 kilograms per year. Now, the company is taking the next step by introducing a grease that is biodegradable in accordance with the OECD 301 B biodegradation test. In independent tests the high-performance lubricant exceeded the demands of the standard and received the rating of “readily biodegradable”, which means it degrades especially quickly and easily.

The lubricant is ideally formulated for use in combination with LubeTronic and is offered at the same price as the standard lubricant product – making it easy for all end-users to switch and improve their ecological footprint.

Danny Broomfield, JOST Sales Director for the UK and Ireland, is excited by the new biodegradable, high-performance lubricant. “As our business expands, so does our responsibility for the environment. Our products play an important part in reducing the ecological footprint left in the areas we specialise in and by the commercial vehicle industry in general. The development of the fully biodegradable organic grease means that JOST has taken an important step in the right direction.”

Photo Caption: Jost’s latest innovation is a high-performance lubricant for its fifth wheel couplings that is completely biodegradable.

About JOST:

JOST is the world’s leading manufacturer of vehicle connection systems, modules and components for trucks and trailers. Under the umbrella brand JOST, the comprehensive range of products is broken down into four areas: The JOST brand includes fifth wheel couplings, telescopic landing gears and accessories for semi-trailers, ball bearing turntables, king pins and container locks as well as components for alternating systems. The trailer axles of the DCA Family are also sold under the JOST brand. Under the traditional brand name of ROCKINGER, the company produces towing hitches, drawbar eyes and towing drawbars for both transporters and trucks, as well as for use in the agricultural industry. TRIDEC is the leading provider of steering systems and single wheel suspensions for trailers. Edbro is the specialist in the field of vehicle-mounted hydraulic systems. Its range includes front and underfloor dump trucks and trailers and extension cylinders, as well as customer-specific hydraulic construction kits.

JOST is the only supplier that can provide products and services all around the world. The company is located on all continents, with distribution, production and development. With sales and production facilities in more than 20 countries, the company is the global partner of choice for the commercial vehicle industry. JOST employs over 2.800 members of staff worldwide. It is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 20 July 2017.

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