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Well known Scottish operator Paterson’s sticks with Edbro RK ejectors after years of reliable performance.

The company’s landfill site is a major waste disposal facility for the Glasgow and surrounding area, accepting domestic, commercial and industrial waste. Operating for over 40 years at Mount Vernon to the north - east of the city, the landfill operation started to provide back fill to the quarrying operations.

Incoming waste is tipped to a lower transit area, then loaded on specially built tipping trailers with a 60 cubic metre capacity to be taken to the landfill area. Hauled by Caterpillar 735 dump trucks, the trailers were built by Euro Enviro Equipment of South Wales and fitted with Edbro RK double acting tipping rams.

Following 4 years of constant shuttling across the landfill site, the original trailers were due replacement. Sandy Stark, Paterson’s Transport Manager commented, “The original trailers and tipping gear performed reliably in arduous conditions. From our experience over 4 years, we’ve only needed to make some minor design changes.” The new trailers are in operation and set to provide another 4 years of service.

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For further information, contact Katherine Littlewood at Edbro on 01204 902364 or at katherine.littlewood@edbro.co.uk.

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