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A recent new design of tipper body put on the road for Tarmac by Wilcox Commercial Vehicles in Peterborough in proving a hit for productivity and the environment alike.

The robust design of the body, developed by leading UK bodybuilder, Wilcox Commercial Vehicles, has given Tarmac a much more versatile approach to tipping operations. Although increased in weight from the usual bodies Tarmac orders through Wilcox, this have given the UK-wide operator increased productivity with a larger cubic capacity and the flexibility to carry more variety of load. Carrying more varied types of load not only means increased profitability but also fewer trucks required for each job, saving on the environmental cost of this heavy duty work.

Dave Casling, Tarmac Transport Manager explains the benefits of this solution from Wilcox, “We are very happy with this new truck. The increased work we are able to do means more profitability, increasingly important in today’s environment. Not only that but we are more flexible in our operations.”

Coupled with this new body design, the Edbro tipping cylinder helps to offset the increased body weight. The CX15 model used in this application is up to 165kg lighter than alternative products on the market and used exclusively by Tarmac in all their operations for its considerable operator benefits. Combine the light weight, with a fit and forget reputation for performance and it’s easy to understand why Tarmac have chosen both Wilcox and Edbro for this novel new application.

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For more information on the CX15 or any other Edbro product contact Katherine Littlewood, at Edbro on +44 (0) 1204 902364 or at katherine.littlewood@edbro.co.uk.

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