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Saab 9-5 Aero owner enjoys quality local repair via Exhausts-Direct

17/10/2017 14:39:15
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ImagesClick Image for 300dpi jpg fileSaab 9-5 Aero owner enjoys quality local repair via Exhausts-DirectSaab 9-5 Aero owner enjoys quality local repair via Exhausts-DirectSaab 9-5 Aero owner enjoys quality local repair via Exhausts-Direct

When a vehicle owner turned to the internet for a local replacement exhaust assembly for a Saab 9-5 Aero Estate, Exhausts-Direct.Net approved garage Bewdley Autos took care of her request with an OEM equivalent system from Klarius.

Saab owners were / and are a loyal lot, a loyalty which after the company’s eventual dissolution has helped to keep many examples on the road. Built with the quality to withstand the Swedish climate, owners will often only choose replacement components that match the standards of the originals.

Rosalie Davies has been running her Saab for 15 years, so when her exhaust started to display problems, she turned to the internet for answers – referring to the Exhausts-Direct.Net website for a suitable emissions replacement in her local area. Rosalie explains: “After checking the problem analysis section of the Exhausts-Direct.Net website, I learned that the car was most likely OK to drive, but would need a replacement to pass an MOT test and preserve the efficiency and emissions status of the car.

“I checked the garage directory for a suitable place to carry out the replacement, and saw that Bewdley Autos was just down the road. It was important to me to choose a quality centre and component, as I still love the car and how it drives.”

Exhausts-Direct.Net lists quality approved independent garages that are proven to supply high quality components and repair work. Garages must be proficient regarding the legislation, technologies and failure modes regarding exhausts, catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters and additive systems.

Klarius, the largest manufacturer of aftermarket emissions components in the UK, audits every garage member to ensure that those high standards are met, offering reassurance that customers are receiving a high-quality repair.

The Exhausts-Direct.Net website lists all the members in an easy to navigate directory with location search, and provides guidance and advice on how to identify certain faults in the emissions system. Customers can therefore book a repair with just a few clicks.

Rosalie’s exhaust was delivered to Ben and Jamie at the garage next day, in time for the Saab to undergo MOT testing. With the Klarius system fitted, the vehicle passed with flying colours. Klarius offers a ‘Fit First Time’ guarantee on all components, which means that time spent on the ramp was kept to a minimum. Supplying OEM equivalent quality is a key proviso for the company, and every component design is independently tested to EU Type-Approval standards by the VCA.

Fitted by trained technicians, repairs were straightforward and exact, ensuring that one of the more performance orientated models in the Saab range can cruise for many years to come.

Rosalie added: “It’s great for me to have an approved centre in the local area, as it minimises the stress of carrying out the work. The garage was exceptionally helpful, and explained to me that all Klarius components are provided with a 2 year warranty and that due to the size of the range, they could source an exact replacement for my car. I use the Saab daily, so retaining the performance and efficiency of it was really important to me. The performance makes it a bit of a sleeper, so with the new exhaust, I can continue to enjoy what makes this car so unique.”

Image Captions:

Image 1: Rosalie Davies used the Exhausts-Direct.Net website to find a local garage that had emissions experience, in this case, Bewdley Autos.

Image 2: With the Klarius Exhaust system fitted, the vehicle passed the MOT test with flying colours.

Image 3: Klarius offers a ‘Fit First Time’ guarantee on all components, which means that time spent on the ramp was kept to a minimum.

About Exhausts-Direct.Net

Exhausts-Direct.Net is a website setup to help motorists with any issues that occur with the emission control components on their vehicles, these include: exhausts, catalytic converters (CATs) and diesel particulate filters (DPFs). The optimised website provides fault diagnosis, technical support and a handy link to a range of independent service garages throughout the UK that are Accredited Centres for the supply and fit of top quality UK manufactured replacement exhaust system components.

An exhausts system will often require replacement after 60,000 miles or five years of use, whichever happens first - less if the car is a small, budget brand petrol city car and longer (if ever) if the car is a premium brand, larger engine diesel with an OE fit stainless steel exhaust system. CATs and DPFs similarly can have short or extended lives based on design, materials and usage.

Both Exhausts-Direct.Net and the associated Klarius Accredited Garage Scheme are there to ensure UK vehicle owners can make sure they receive a quality replacement exhaust system, including CAT and DPF components from a trustworthy local garage – anywhere in the country.

We vet the garages on our Accredited Centre scheme very carefully and provide comprehensive training for the garage technicians independently certified by leading UK automotive training body the IMI. There is no obligation on your part to use a garage from our scheme once you have contacted them, but at least users know they have a good quality reliable option.

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