Compact actuators improve aircraft motion systems

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Inmoco has introduced a new range of compact and lightweight electromechanical actuators designed specifically to meet the requirements of aerospace applications.

Fully certified to BS EN 9100, the industry-recognised standard for quality and risk management for the aviation industry, the new actuators can be integrated into new aircraft designs or retrofitted into existing aircraft to improve functionality while reducing the size and weight of onboard motion control systems.

Developed by Diakont, a leading supplier of technology solutions for the aerospace industry, the actuators combine a precisely machined roller screw with a permanent magnet synchronous motor, creating a powerful, high force motion control solution that minimises weight and overall footprint. With this high level of performance and reduced weight and size, combined with BS EN 9100 approval, the new actuators meet all the requirements for even the most demanding aerospace linear motion applications.

Roller screw actuators improve on the performance of conventional ballscrew designs by distributing the load between a greater number of contact points. As well as smoother operation, the design also results in reduced material tension and slower material fatigue.

In addition, Diakont applies a specialist hardening process to further enhance the inherently low wear characteristics of the roller screw design. The result is best-in-class service lifetime in real-world aerospace applications, such as access door operation for landing gear, thrust reverse control, rotor blade active flap control and more.

Further, the inherent energy efficiency, reliability, durability and reduced maintenance requirements of the lightweight design mean the new fully electric actuators eliminate the problems associated with traditional hydraulic or pneumatic motion control solutions. They also address mission-critical applications with aerospace systems with additional safety precautions such as dual-redundant motors.


Established in 1987, INMOCO now offers an extensive range of motion control equipment including: compact servo amplifiers, position controllers, stepper motors, PLC controllers, linear motors, sensors, electric actuators and gearheads. INMOCO’s product portfolio is supported by extensive applications and technical expertise, in addition to customer-specified electro-mechanical development and sub-assembly services; including calibrating and testing in a class 10,000 clean room facility.

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