Servo controller gets single-cable connection

18/04/2018 10:10:14
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The Kollmorgen S700 servo controller, available in the UK through INMOCO of Daventry, is now supplied with a single-cable motor connection, as are all Kollmorgen drives.

The benefits of connecting drives using just one cable are obvious in machinery and plant construction: they include faster installation, space savings, reduced inertia, and lower costs to name but a few. Following very positive experiences with the AKD and AKD-N servo drives, Kollmorgen is now also fitting the high performance S700 servo controller with its pioneering single-cable connection technology.

The S700 controller is from the Servostar series and primarily designed to fulfil demanding drive tasks. It can be programmed with a macro language similar to IEC 61131-3 and can integrate with safety technology up to and including SIL3. The S700’s features also include cogging compensation for excellent radial run-out characteristics.

INMOCO’s Gerard Bush explains that Kollmorgen is now able to connect its in-house developed digital resolver SFD or high-resolution Hiperface DSL encoder with a standard motor cable through its single-cable connection technology. “The result is a cost-efficient and slender installation,” he says. “As well as space savings, less cable is needed which reduces the load and inertia during positioning movements.”


Established in 1987, INMOCO now offers an extensive range of motion control equipment including: compact servo amplifiers, position controllers, stepper motors, PLC controllers, linear motors, sensors, electric actuators and gearheads. INMOCO’s product portfolio is supported by extensive applications and technical expertise, in addition to customer-specified electro-mechanical development and sub-assembly services; including calibrating and testing in a class 10,000 clean room facility.

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