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INMOCO’s new, high-performance servo system from Danaher Motion provides OEMS with the benefits of higher performance, easier installation, greater flexibility and improved system reliability. Comprising a Kollmorgen S200 servo drive and Kollmorgen AKM servomotor, the system can be optimised to meet specific application requirements, making it ideal for applications such as semiconductor fabrication, electronic assembly, packaging, medical, and woodworking equipment, among others.
The S200/AKM servo system features a SMARTFeedbackDevice™, which provides simplified set-up and reduced installation costs, by allowing a single connector and cable to provide system power and high- resolution (24 bit) feedback. The combination of this feedback and high performance 3-5 kHz current loop bandwidth guarantees smooth motion, minimising the harsh torque disturbances that can cut short the life of associated mechanical components.
The performance of the S200/AKM servo system also benefits from an industry- leading 800Hz velocity loop bandwidth that, together with the systems “smart” feedback”, facilitates fast and accurate "plug and play" commissioning, eliminating the need for servo loop tuning in most applications. In addition, optically isolated I/O, full fault protection and locking connectors reduce engineering design and support requirements, while the compact footprint of the S200/AKM system helps to cut the cost of enclosures, and allows more efficient use of production space on machines.

Central to the reduced overall size of the S200/AKM system is the advanced electromagnetic design of the AKM motors. This provides more power with higher acceleration and torque in a smaller footprint than comparable sized servomotors.  As a result, OEMs can reduce the size of their machines, while increasing machine throughput and reliability.                                                                        
The performance of the AKM motors is also enhanced by low cogging, which ensures smooth performance at low speeds, and by low inertia rotors which provide highly dynamic performance, reducing overall machine cycle times by enabling set speeds to be reached quickly with maximum precision.
In addition to providing high performance, the motors are designed for high levels of reliability: they are wound with non-overlapping coils, to eliminate the potential for phase-to-phase shorting, and are IP65 protected to ensure long life in demanding applications.
About Inmoco
Intelligent Motion Control has over 30 years experience in the servo drive industry. INMOCO’s products are used in Robots, Machine Tools, Automation, Metal Bending, Handling, Packing, Textiles and Paper (etc). They are backed- up by comprehensive application and service facilities.
For further information contact : Gerard Bush, Sales Application Engineer, INMOCO Limited, 4 Brunel Close, Drayton Fields, Daventry  NN11 5RB. Tel: 01327 300320  Fax: 01327 300319. E-mail

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