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The new Exlar I SeriesTM of electro-mechanical actuators from INMOCO offer users the combination of the highest levels of reliability- from Exlar’s patented roller screw technology, and complete flexibility in the choice of motor drive type, motor supplier, input transmission technology and mounting configurations.
The advanced I Series electromechanical actuators are a clean, fast, simple and cost- effective replacement for hydraulic actuation and provide a simpler, longer- life alternative to pneumatic cylinders. They integrate Exlar’s patented inverted roller screw mechanism,  a technology that enables Exlar to provide some of the most reliable, long-lasting electro-mechanical actuators on the market. The planetary design of the roller screws allows them to be accelerated and rotated faster than comparably sized ball screws, while their large contact area allows high force characteristics, and provides long life - typically 15 times that of comparably sized ball screws - even in the most demanding repetitive applications:
The I Series is offered in several mechanical configurations to enable the OEM and user to optimize the performance and system cost to their requirements. Rated to IP54 and supplied with an anodized coating, the IM Series offers mechanical capacity suitable for the lower forces and cycle rates achievable by stepper, DC, and AC motors, and is available at a proportionately lower cost. The higher specification IX Series offers standard IP65 ingress protection and anodised coating, with Electroless Nickel and hard coating available as options. It provides maximum capacity to utilise the full performance of Exlar's high torque density brushless motors, or the brushless motors from any manufacturer, for rapid cycling applications requiring long life.
The I Series actuators provide users with complete flexibility in the choice of motor type – AC or DC electric motors, steppers and brushless servomotors, and also in respect of motor manufacturer, and input transmission technology. The standard multiple motor input options include in-line direct coupling, parallel belt and pulley drive; and cost effective in-line planetary gearing. In addition, the I Series can be manufacturer-adapted to accept any motor brand or type; whether the motor is one of Exlar's industry- leading SLM or SLG motors, another brand of brushless motor, a stepper motor, a DC motor, or an AC motor, Exlar will adapt the I Series actuator to accept its mounting.                    
Complementing its adaptability to multiple motor types, the I Series offers what is probably the most flexible mounting system available with linear actuators today. Key to this system are removable and adjustable mounting features, which, when combined with the mounting profiles of the most popular modular machine frame components, allow the user to mount the I Series in almost any machine configuration.
For further information contact: Gerard Bush, Sales Application Engineer, INMOCO Limited, 4 Brunel Close, Drayton Fields, Daventry  NN11 5RB. Tel: 01327 300320  Fax: 01327 300319. E-mail

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