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Elmo's matchbox-sized Ocarina series of miniature servo-current mode servo amplifiers from INMOCO is designed to provide "the highest attainable power density". The Ocarina can deliver up to 1/2 kW of continuous power or   1 kW of peak power in a compact , cost and space saving  PCB-mounted package.
An ideal OEM product, the Ocarina is designed to operate from a DC power source in current mode. It can function as either a stand-alone device or part of a multi-axis system. In either configuration, the Ocarina's PCB- mounted design cuts costs significantly by reducing cabling and installation times.
The Ocarina is offered in two versions: 60 VDC and 100 VDC versions. Power to the 60 V Ocarina is provided by a separate 0 ~ 59 V isolated DC power source, while power to the 100 V Ocarina is provided by a separate 0 ~ 95 V isolated DC power source. Both versions benefit from a design that provides high bandwidth, fast response and excellent linearity of motor operation with zero deadband.
The miniature design also integrates enhanced features such as a motor current monitor, current gain for low inductance motors, external continuous and peak current-limit adjustments, and status indication and remote control functions via four open-collector optocouplers. All of these features and more are encapsulated in an ultra-compact package measuring only 55 x 15 x 46.5 mm and weighing just 45 grams.
In addition to its operational features, the Ocarina benefits from a comprehensive range of built-in, latch-mode protective facilities against over- temperature, under/over voltage, failure of the internal power supplies, shorts between the outputs or between each output and the power return, and halls-only communication errors.
The Ocarina is supported by a range of optional accessories including an evaluation board using standard terminal plugs and D-sub connectors. The evaluation board is accompanied by documentation containing installation instructions as well as a complete set of cables.
Elmo's Ocarina is UL508c recognized and complies with UL804 and UL60950.  Additionally, it meets the requirements of Low Voltage Directive 73/23/IEC and complies with EN 60204-1.
Intelligent Motion Control has over 30 years experience in the servo drive industry. INMOCO’s products are used in Robots, Machine Tools, Automation, Metal Bending, Handling, Packing, Textiles and Paper (etc.). They are backed- up by comprehensive application and service facilities.
For further information contact:
Gerard Bush, Sales Application Engineer, INMOCO Limited, 4 Brunel Close, Drayton Fields, Daventry NN11 5RB. Tel: 01327 300320  Fax: 01327 300319. E-mail

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