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Inmoco is enabling OEMs to maxmise the performance of their servo systems with the introduction of the new Mercury™ 3500Si from MicroE Systems. The 3500Si is the first high performance position feedback encoder to operate at maximum speed and maximum resolution. Employing the industry-standard SPI serial data interface, the Mercury™ 3500Si is capable of speeds up to 50 times faster than standard A-quad-B output encoders: it can achieve speeds of 7.2 metres/second, while operating at 5 nanometer resolution.
Key to the market-leading performance of the Mercury 3500Si encoders are MicroE System's patented SmartPrecision electronics and PurePrecisionTM optics technologies. These not only give the encoders the widest range of operating speeds and resolutions, but also the advantages of programmability, miniature sensor size, accuracy enhancement, optical index, and broad alignment tolerances for ease of set-up.
In addition to ultra high- speed operation, the Mercury 3500's SmartPrecision™ electronics and SmartPrecision™ software provide robust programmable features. Users can program system resolution in binary steps from x4 to x4096, or 5 microns to 5 nanometers, linear; and 6,600 to 67.1 million counts per revolution, rotary. In addition, a programmable index feature provides users with some flexibility in their applications, offering four user-selectable modes dependent upon application type and choice; and SmartPrecision™ software even displays encoder data in several ways: a Lissajous data plot of raw and corrected signals, position vs. signal strength, and position vs. velocity.
Complementing the performance advantages of SmartPrecision and PurePrecisionTM technologies, the Mercury 3500Si employs the industry standard SPI serial data interface. The advantage of this standard, apart from its speed, is that it is supported by many DSP chip manufacturers including: TI, Motorola and Analog Devices.
Using the interface, encoder position values are digitised and sent directly into the controller's DSP. This provides a robust, reliable and high-speed connection that is ideal for encoder interfacing.
In addition to its many performance advantages, the Mercury 3500Si is miniaturised to help OEMs reduce the size of their on-machine servo systems. In fact, the 3500Si has the smallest high-performance sensor head in the industry, at just 8.4mm high. The Mercury 3500 also features LED indicators for instrument-free sensor alignment. Users can complete alignment procedures in under 30 seconds. Gain and phase correction are optimised automatically.
The Mercury 3500Si is ruggedised for operation in high noise environments and delivers best-in-class noise immunity. SmartPrecision electronics are housed in a metal enclosure, as are sensor electronics, and all cabling is double shielded.
Mercury Encoder Family
The Mercury encoder family includes twenty- one models, all of which are claimed to be smaller, faster and smarter than any other encoders on the market. This breadth of product range means that OEM engineers can select the encoder model that is just right for their application - programmable, digital, analogue and vacuum models- while enjoying the performance improvements only Mercury encoder systems can deliver.
For further information contact : Gerard Bush, Sales Application Engineer, INMOCO Limited, 4 Brunel Close, Drayton Fields, Daventry  NN11 8RB. Tel: 01327 307600  Fax: 01327 300319. E-mail

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