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INMOCO has added the Model 5300 to its Blue Fusion™ line of web- enabled automation controllers from Control Technology Corporation. Integrating motion control, I/O, user interfaces, and enterprise connectivity, the web-enabled 5300 controllers can be configured for small local applications, or for large distributed systems with over 1,000 I/O channels. In addition, the 5300 series can monitor and control almost any type of I/O – digital and analogue - or motor, and its web-enabled features facilitate remote information exchange and visualisation.
The 5300 series brings a new level of power and flexibility to the Blue FusionTM Line of web enabled controllers, a complete range of products that enables companies to achieve e-manufacturing strategies, and benefit from greater control and monitoring of their production processes. 
The Model 5300 supports CTC's patented web server technology, enabling users to securely monitor and control process variables over intranets or the Internet using a standard web browser. By using CTC’s webHMI software, customers can create graphical HMI projects that can be hosted on the 5300’s web server, giving any browser based device interactive HMI functionality. CT webHMI is ideal for SCADA applications, especially those that require 24-hour remote access. The 5300’s built-in high- speed data logging capability stores time and date stamped measurements to internal or external data files for documentation and regulatory purposes.
Offering the choice of multiple CPUs and a wide array of I/O and motion modules, the Model 5300 series enables users to optimise the controller configuration for each application. Up to 32 I/O or motion modules can be connected to a single CPU, with the facility for a second CPU processor to be added for increased performance or redundancy.     
The CPUs can be equipped with a Secure Digital flash drive providing up to 2 GB of storage for data-logging, large CT webHMI projects, and system files. The SD card also makes it possible to set the Model 5300 to boot directly, enabling rapid controller change-out without the need for a PC.
Complementing its application flexibility, the Model 5300 saves panel and installation space for the user, with industry leading I/O density: I/O modules are available in 4, 8, 16, and 32 channel versions and feature pluggable terminal blocks for direct wiring. Each module is only 3/4” wide by 4” tall, yielding an I/O density of 7.4 channels per square inch of panel space. Applications that require distributed I/O, use CTC’s Ethernet QuickLink (EQL) high speed remote I/O. The EQL nodes can be located up to 100 metres apart and are easily connected with standard Ethernet cables; this is a simple process for the automation engineer, as no hubs, routers, or switches are required.
Programming of the Model 5300 is both fast and intuitive using CTC’s QuickBuilder automation suite. Developed specifically for integrated machine automation, QuickBuilder is CTC’s innovative graphical development software, built using the latest .Net technology. It combines all the aspects of an automation project into one easy-to-use desktop application. This holistic approach to automation projects leads to faster machine start-ups and simpler ongoing maintenance.
Safeguarding the reliable operation of the 5300 is an all-metal design; this makes the 5300 ideal for harsh environments that can experience extreme operating temperatures, shock and vibration.
For further information contact : Gerard Bush, Sales Application Engineer, INMOCO Limited, 4 Brunel Close, Drayton Fields, Daventry  NN11 8RB. Tel: 01327 307600  Fax: 01327 300319. E-mail

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