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Inmoco has introduced Exlar’s new ExtrakTM rodless actuator to its range of electrical actuation solutions. The Extrak offers speeds up to 5m/sec, and load capacities up to 750kgs over stroke lengths up to 7.6 metres. Easy to integrate into machines, Extrak actuators are compact, well protected and designed with two guiding systems, making them both robust and reliable in operation.
The graduated Extrak design enables speeds of up to 1.6 m/sec to be achieved using Exlar’s linear guide rails; and higher speeds still, up to 5m/sec, when Exlar’s innovative roller guide system is employed. This enhanced speed capability greatly increases the application versatility of the actuator, allowing the fastest index times for users along stroke lengths that extend to 7.6 metres. Optional limit switch packages allow the stroke length limits and homing reference positions to be set within the physical limits of the actuator.
The robust construction of the Extrak actuators enables them to carry heavy loads up to 750kgs in high duty applications – and even higher loads are possible for intermittent duty service. The construction comprises a precision aluminum frame/housing with a movable platen. The moving platen rides on one of the two different types of guiding system. The first type incorporates a linear guide arrangement offering the highest load capacity and also the highest offset load, or moment capability. Linear guide rails also assure high radial stiffness and vibration- free operation. These criteria are important to assure both precise execution of motion profiles and extremely long operating life. The alternative guiding system employs roller guides. These are designed for lower payload capacities than the linear guide rails, but allow operation at very high speeds reaching 5m/sec.                                                                      
Also key to the Extrak’s high speed operation is the use of Gates toothed Power Grip™ premium belts, to convert rotary driving motion to the high speed linear motion of the platen. The unique composition of the belts also provides longer operating life.
Comprehensive protection for Extrak actuators is provided by an optional stainless steel metallic band seal. This is connected magnetically and covers the screw and guides helping to keep debris out of the drive system which may eventually adversely affect the operation of the belt and guides. In addition, all Extrak actuators can be supplied with pressure ports for applying positive air pressure to the actuator in extreme environments. This feature, when employed, provides additional protection against dirt and debris entering the housing and affecting the operational mechanism.
Unlike rod-style actuators, the extended and retracted lengths of the Extrak actuator are the same, permitting a smaller envelope for the actuator and allowing it to be applied in more space restricted applications. Complementing this feature, the rodless actuators utilise a close-coupled motor mounting flange for mounting a choice of IEC or NEMA dimension motors, gearboxes, clutches, and brakes. This allows the unit to be customised to specific application requirements with the smallest possible package.
The relatively small space envelope and the modular design of the Extrak actuators makes them easy to integrate into any machine. The profile of the Extrak includes multiple sized T-slots which allow mounting to other commercially available extruded machine frame products. These also offer mounting of multiple Extrak modules to each other for multi-axis systems.
Exlar’s Extrak actuators are available in three different profile [frame] sizes;
65 mm, 80 mm, and 110 mm. This allows OEMs and users to conveniently match the physical size allowed by your application with the required performance. The modular design of the actuators allows the user to mount any IEC 60, 90, or 115 mm frame or Nema 23, 34, or 42 frame motors. These motors are available from Exlar and can be mounted prior to shipment from the factory; including one version designed as a plug- &- play component with a choice of servo amplifier. Alternatively, the user can mount his own motor; in these instances Exlar will manufacture the adapter flange to the required dimensions for simple, close-coupling of the user's motor to the actuator.
The Extrak is supported by a range of accessories that allow adaptation of the actuators to specific applications. These include: limit switches, limit switch cables, T-Nuts, mounting screws and additional travellers.
For further information contact : Gerard Bush, Sales Application Engineer, INMOCO Limited, 4 Brunel Close, Drayton Fields, Daventry  NN11 8RB. Tel: 01327 307600  Fax: 01327 300319. E-mail



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