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Inmoco’s new miniature Mercury II 5000 encoder from MicroE Systems, is superior in terms of performance, accuracy, versatility and ease of use, to all other encoders in its class, providing resolutions ranging from 5µm to 1.2nm, linear - with accuracy up to ±1μm, or 20k CPR to 268M CPR rotary. In addition, the Mercury II 5000 offers the flexibility of one sensor for use with PurePrecision™ laser tape, glass linear and glass rotary scales with stick-on index and limits.

The Mercury II 5000 is a miniature, ultra-high resolution and accuracy digital encoder, designed for high precision manufacturing and inspection applications where its excellent short-range accuracy ensures smooth velocity control.

Robust, versatile and easy to use, the Mercury II 5000 enables compact system design with a sensor that is just 11mm high. Moreover, as all electronics are integrated in the Mercury II sensor, including programmable features and interpolation up to x16384, users benefit from digital output right from the sensor, plus the attendant benefits of the highest system reliability, the smallest footprint and the widest variety of connector options – including customer specific options.

Also key to improved system performance and reliability is the improved ‘Next-Generation’ optical design of the Mercury II sensor, which provides higher resistance to contamination from fingerprints, oil and dust, (etc). The same advanced design also means that just one sensor works with tape and glass scales, saving design time and reducing the number of unique parts in the system.

The scales themselves, tape or high accuracy linear glass, are the easiest to install and use. This is due to MicroE’s PurePrecision™ system, which allows the user to cut to any required length; adhesive backing and a unique application tool do the rest, making installation fast and accurate.                                                


The PurePrecision™ system also effectively addresses the requirement of cut-to-length tape scales for an adjustable index. In contrast to Hall sensors, which are large and difficult to install, Mercury II has the first and only stick-on optical index and limits. This bi-directional optical index provides 1 LSB repeatability at all speeds; while fail-safe left and right optical limits enhance safety and reduce cabling.

Inmoco is supporting Mercury II with MicroE’s SmartPrecision™ II, the most advanced software in the industry. SmartPrecision II software adds unique functionality, allowing setup, monitoring, diagnostics and data plots. In addition, Ethernet connectivity enables secure, remote viewing of the encoder parameters.

The small size, excellent operating performance, and ease of installation of the Mercury II 5000 encoders mean that they are ideally suited to a wide range of precision applications. A cross section of these typically includes Wafer dicing and inspection in electronics manufacturing, FPD Manufacturing, Metrology, Tuneable optic systems, Autofocus Mechanisms, and Microscope stages in inspection systems.


For further information contact: Gerard Bush, Sales Application Engineer, INMOCO Limited, 4 Brunel Close, Drayton Fields, Daventry NN11 8RB. Tel: 01327 307600 Fax: 01327 300319. E-mail


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