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One of the smallest digital servo drives in the world, the Elmo Whistle, is now available in the UK from servo drive specialist Inmoco. Although only the size of a matchbox, the Whistle is the ideal OEM product, delivering up to 1200W of continuous power and over 2400W peak power (with 99% efficiency) for controlling DC brush and brushless motors and linear motors.

The super compact Whistle is claimed to offer the highest power density in its class. This is achieved by integrating Elmo’s proprietary FASST (Fast And Soft Switching Technology) power management technology with cutting edge thermal management technology. The result is an extraordinary power density of 35 Watts/cm3; a figure over 5 times greater than that of competitive units.

Underpinning the extreme output power available from the three Whistle servo drives: WHI- 15/60 (15A, 60VDC); WHI-10/100 (10A, 100V) and WHI-15/100 (15A, 100V), is a very high level of operating efficiency. At an input voltage of 85VDC and output current of 15A the dissipated power is less than 16W (typically it is less than 10W) with an output power of 1470W. This equates to an operating efficiency of 99%.

In addition to delivering the highest level of power and efficiency, the Whistle incorporates all the key features necessary for fast and problem-free integration of motors and drives into machines. The servo drive incorporates a digital motion controller that features CANopen networking, a position loop, a velocity loop, a current loop and a very wide range of feedback and I/O options. It also offers OEMs the benefits of simplified set-up and tuning, provided by ELMO’s Composer software.

The Whistle is the ideal OEM product; its pin-based design means that it is small enough and light enough to be PCB mounted, or installed in a motor housing, or near a motor. This facility, by reducing cabling and installation time, cuts costs significantly, and greatly simplifies maintenance for end-users of the product.

At the heart of the fully digital Whistle, and key to its high performance – is SimplIQ. This Elmo-developed technology provides on- the- fly gain scheduling for current and velocity, with PIP controllers for velocity and position. It also features advanced positioning motion control modes with PTP, PT, PVT, ECAM/follower and Dual Loop, and internal encoder interpolation (up to x 4096) based on Resolver or analogue encoder inputs. In addition, The Whistle, like all Elmo’s SimplIQ based products, has programmable opto-isolated digital I/O and host of built-in protection features.
The Whistle offers OEMs the benefits of a third generation programming structure, with motion commands, event triggered programming, event capturing interrupts and 32 KB of memory storage for user programs. Using the Composer programming software, drive set-up, configuration, tuning and analysis are all performed quickly and easily to aid integration into machines.


For further information contact : Gerard Bush, Sales Application Engineer, INMOCO Limited, 4 Brunel Close, Drayton Fields, Daventry  NN11 8RB. Tel: 01327 307600  Fax: 01327 300319. E-mail




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