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Inmoco’s newly expanded Ormec SMLC family offers the benefits of both motion control and PLC functionality in a single package. Available in 3-, 8-, 16- and 24-axis models, the SMLC family offers high-performance computing capability and a true real-time operating system, powered by Intel 32-bit processors. As a result it is able to provide cost-effective, robust computing power for even the most demanding multi-axis motion and I/O control applications.

With its ability to provide cost effective, fully integrated motion solutions from one to twentyfour- axes, the SMLC family is well-suited to a variety of packaging, material handling, medical, pharmaceutical, and general assembly applications. In these applications, the ability of the SMLC to combine ORMEC’s high performance motion engine with IEC 61131-3 programming languages, PLCopen motion function blocks, and industry standard protocols for I/O and network connectivity, provides a powerful control package that reduces wiring complexity, panel space requirements, and programming effort

Developing multi-axis solutions using the SMLC is seamless, as a result of combining the CoDeSys Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and runtime engine with ORMEC’s ServoWire Pro development and commissioning tools. The CoDeSys IDE and runtime engine are world class, open standard IEC-61131-3 tools with extensive diagnostic capabilities. They also offer the added benefit of being used in hundreds of products worldwide. Complementing the CoDeSys system, ServoWire Pro is an easy to use, integrated suite of configuration, diagnostic and maintenance utilities to assist in the commissioning of the drive.

To facilitate a multi-tiered, flexible approach to machinery I/O applications, the SMLC family is able to interface with high speed drive-based I/O, for microsecond position capture, and offer single servo update response to sensor signals. It also provides sub-millisecond programmable limit switch outputs, tightly coupled to the motion control.

For general purpose I/O applications, a variety of analogue and digital modules can be cost-effectively connected to and controlled by the SMLC. When combined with pre-written Application Specific Function Blocks, the SMLC helps save programming time and cost. .

The SMLC offers a wide range of interfacing capabilities, with two Ethernet ports and three or four serial ports. It is complemented by a complete line of networked Ethernet-based I/O expansion modules, which can handle thousands of I/O points, and also offers optional Profibus DP Master support. In addition, touchscreen HMI and factory networking support is provided via built-in Modbus/TCP as well as via the free OPC server.

For further information contact : Gerard Bush, Sales Application Engineer, INMOCO Limited, 4 Brunel Close, Drayton Fields, Daventry  NN11 8RB. Tel: 01327 307600 Fax: 01327 300319. E-mail



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