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Inmoco’s introduction of the Pacific Scientific P7000 Series micro-stepping drives from Danaher Motion users provides OEMs and users with the means to significantly increase machine performance, without expensive redesign of machine control architectures. Offering true, servo-like performance at lower cost than conventional servo drives, and industry-standard communications, the P7000 units have advanced features that make them the ideal solution for single or multi-axis applications requiring high-speed performance or low-speed smoothness

The P7000 is the only micro-stepping drive on the market to offer Open Loop Stall Detect(OLSD™), a feature that allows detection of a stalled motor without using encoder or resolver feedback. It can also detect motor position shifts while at rest. In addition, the drives use Multi-Stepping positioning to convert full-step indexing commands into smooth micro-stepping resolution, providing 25,600-micro-step output for smooth system performance.

Complementing the P7000’s multi-stepping performance are Dynamic Smoothing™, a feature that “rounds the edges” of move profiles to minimize machine jolts during acceleration; and Xtreme Smoothness™, which eliminates the motor's natural resonance speeds and provides more usable torque throughout the speed range. Also helping to optimise the P7000’s performance is an Anti-Resonance feature; at 7.2° the largest range in the industry. This ensures optimum torque and nulls mid-range instability.

In addition to its many positive operational qualities, the P7000 offers the OEM and user extensive facilities to aid machine integration. These include a programmable jog function with dual speed settings, and nine programmable inputs, including Jog+, Jog-, Jog Speed, EOT+, EOT-, Move Select, Soft Reset, Start Move, Start/Stop Pulse, and Stop Move, for basic motion control. All of the inputs - and outputs - are user configurable to provide active- low operation at 5 VDC or active-high operation at 24 VDC.

The P7000 is supported by a Motion Node option that allows simple indexing of up to 63 moves; this adds enhanced indexing capabilities at significant savings when compared to the cost of a standard indexer. In addition, because the Motion Node supports ModBus RTU, with CAN Open and DeviceNet network protocols as future options, users can connect to industry-standard networks and add positioning capability at a fraction of the cost of using a fully-programmable controller.

Extremely compact to meet tight installation constraints, the P7000 is designed for use with Pacific Scientific T, N, or K Series stepper motors, the combination providing users with a fully-optimised stepper solution, one which delivers the highest torques for use in single or multi-axis applications requiring high-speed performance or low-speed smoothness.


For further information contact : Gerard Bush, Sales Application Engineer, INMOCO Limited, 4 Brunel Close, Drayton Fields, Daventry NN11 5RB. Tel: 01327 300320 Fax: 01327 300319. E-mail

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