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Mark Aluminium Die Casting secures growth with new ERP System

24/09/2019 14:31:03
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ImagesClick Image for 300dpi jpg fileMark Aluminium Die Casting secures growth with new ERP System

Mark Aluminium Die Casting (MADC) has safeguarded its recent growth with the introduction of an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System at its headquarters in Colwyn Bay, Wales. The Tier 1 supplier of high-quality aluminium die castings has invested in the new system to deliver increased flexibility and reduced lead times to its OEM customers in the automotive, rail and electronics sectors.

Managing growing pains is an important aspect any business. Increased demand naturally puts pressure on existing internal company procedures, so business processes must naturally evolve to stay ahead of the curve. ERP Systems collate data from all aspects of the business into a centralised system, allowing greater process insight, transparency and efficiency. Data is quickly translated into actionable information, allowing management and sales teams to react faster to business and customer requirements.

David Lewis, Plant Manager at MADC, explains: “Our responsiveness to the needs of our customers has always been at the forefront of our service. This has allowed MADC to provide the flexibility required to produce low run castings for small car makers and large runs to support OEM’s simultaneously. However, we cannot stand still. We must be ready to improve our responsiveness to meet the future needs of our customers, and this ERP System is a necessary step to achieve this as it further coordinates our global operations.”

Notable projects ongoing at MADC include the production of castings to support Aston Martin’s new generation of forced induction V12s and heat sinks to support the next generation of EV and hybrid vehicles. Experience in supplying different customers has led the business to engage in continuous investment, assessing and evolving areas of the business to keep up with the fast rate of change taking place across automotive engineering and beyond.

“One of the key elements to a successful engineering company is constant training, investment and systems development,” David continues. “The implementation of the new ERP System is a component of this approach, the benefits of which will be directly transmitted to our customers in the future.”

Photograph Caption: Mark Aluminium Die Casting offers a flexible small-to-large volume Aluminium die casting service. Cast aluminium parts have been manufactured at the Colwyn Bay, Wales site for over 30 years.

About Mark Aluminium Die Casting

Mark Aluminium Die Casting offers a flexible small-to-large volume Aluminium die casting service. We provide design advice, tooling and specialist technical support. We differentiate ourselves by our service levels and responsiveness, we also maintain high quality standards and of course, finding ways to be extremely cost competitive. We can also test, pack and stock your items ready for immediate call-off delivery.

Cast aluminium parts have been manufactured at our site in Colwyn Bay, Wales for over 30 years. The company currently operates a modern furnace and a series of large high pressure aluminium die casting machines producing parts for automotive, electrical and electronics applications. In-house design, high-pressure aluminium die casting, engineering, manufacturing, assembly and testing, plus a large stock facility are all located on one site.

We employ a mixture of UK, EU and Chinese manufactured dies and moulds in order to meet a wide range of price, precision and volume demands.

For longer runs and super precision applications, the best quality tooling is always required, which we source locally. However in order to remain cost competitive and support companies that wish to re-shore their manufacturing base – in order to become more flexible in terms of volumes and reduce lead times and supply chain vulnerability – we also offer a manufacturing service based on a highly cost competitive production model.

Mark Aluminium Die Casting offers a full design, manufacture and test service for the OEM and replacement markets where volumes range from 1,000s to hundreds of 1,000s of parts. We also have a large engineering, assembly and packaging facility, logistics and a huge on-site stock capacity.

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