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Intelligent, flexible and powerful:
New Mitsubishi Electric frequency inverter drive series for demanding applications
With the frequency inverter drives of the FR‑A700 series Mitsubishi Electric is presenting the new high-end units designed for demanding modern mechanical and plant engineering applications. Advanced technologies like Mitsubishi’s Real Sensorless Vector Control, an integrated programmable logic controller and a well-graded range of models help to provide even more flexibility for industrial applications. The frequency inverter drives are available with outputs from 0.4 to 630 kilowatts.
The FR‑A700 series features powerful functions for regulating speed and torque and for positioning control. The key software component of these frequency inverters’ modern control technology is the Real Sensorless Vector Control system developed by Mitsubishi Electric. This enables these frequency inverters to achieve levels of dynamic performance and control quality that were previously only possible with DC or servo drives. Other modes can also be selected, including extended flux vector control and simple V/F control. Even suspended loads can be positioned precisely with a motor with a pulse generator.
All frequency inverters are fitted with an integrated programmable logic controller as standard equipment. Interfaces to standard industrial field bus systems can be implemented with optional expansion cards. The frequency inverters of the FR‑A700 system can also be used in networked systems together with motion control systems from Mitsubishi Electric. This is made possible by the new option card for the SSCNET (Servo System Controller Network) field bus system.
Modern diagnostics and maintenance functions protect the inverters against failures and downtime. An automatic self-diagnostics system actively monitors all components that are subject to wear and displays warnings in good time long before the unit can fail. The service-friendly design ensures the units are back in operation very quickly. Many protection and overload functions are included to ensure trouble-free operation and maximum availability and reliability.
Setting up and operating the inverters is very simple. The automatic motor data identification and the standard integrated noise filter ensure that the drive is ready for operation right away. The user-friendly one-touch Digital Dial control provides fast access to all important drive parameters. The frequency inverter can be configured and maintained with a personal computer connected to the standard USB port. The new FR Configurator configuration software package includes powerful user support functions like a graphical machine analysis and an automatic conversion tool that facilitates the transition to the latest generation of equipment.
The frequency inverter model FR‑A700 is available with output capacities from 0.4 to 630 kilowatts, and for three-phase power supplies from 380 to 480 or 500 volts (at 50 or 60 Hertz). Other models are available for 200 volt (FR‑A720) and 575 volt (FR-A760) power supplies.
FR-A700 – The advanced technology of this new high-end frequency inverter drive series from Mitsubishi Electric makes it even more flexible for demanding industrial applications.

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