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Mitsubishi Electric completes new generation transition:
Two new series of frequency inverters for a wide range of drive tasks

Ratingen, 13 February 2008 – Mitsubishi Electric announces the launch of the FR-D700 and FR-E700 series, which add en-try-level and mid-range models to the company’s new genera-tion of frequency inverter drives for factory automation and building services .

With control technology previously only available in models from larger series, these new micro and compact inverters deliver pre-cise speed control and high start-up torque. Numerous control, protection and safety functions and a good selection of different models make these inverters an excellent choice for a very wide range of applications – and not just for standard tasks.

Small but powerful: The FR-D700 micro inverter
The frequency inverters of the FR-D700 series are designed for low to medium power applications and combine very good func-tionality with simple operation in a very compact package. They are a cost-effective solution for many standard tasks, especially when space is at a premium. The control system is built around the successful Sensorless Flux Vector Control technology with slip compensation already available in the larger inverter series. V/f control is also available.

In addition to new technologies like Secure Stop (in accordance with ISO 13849-1 (EN 954-1) Category 3), password protection and pa-rameter groups, all models from 0.4kW output come with a control terminal with a display, no-maintenance spring terminals and an integrated brake transistor as standard equipment. Also new: special dancer and traverse functions for winding operations.

An RS-485 interface with the Modbus RTU protocol is also avail-able for the configuration of inexpensive serial networks with up to 32 frequency inverter drives. A specially-developed new communi-cations protocol supports transmission of user-definable data re-cords to the controller. These new features make network commu-nication four times faster than in previous models.

This mature technology enables a level of precision and perform-ance that is truly exceptional in this class and a significant im-provement on the earlier FR-S500 series. This is why Mitsubishi Electric chose the name FR-D700 for this new generation of micro inverters – the “D” stands for “Dynamics”. The drives are back-wardly compatible to their predecessors and have exactly the same installation dimensions. They are available in two series with outputs from 0.1 – 2.2kW (FR-D720S) and from 0.4 – 15kW (FR-D740) and in versions for single-phase and 3-phase operation with power supplies from 170 – 264V and 325 – 528V (at 50 or 60Hz).

Versatile and multi-talented: The FR-E700 compact inverters
The models of the FR-E700 series are the successors to Mitsubishi Electric’s successful and extremely versatile line of compact frequency inverters. With improved speed and torque control features, simple operation and a comprehensive package of standard equipment including numerous technology functions, a brake transistor in all models from 0.4kW output and up and flexible expansion options, these inverters are the ideal foundation for economical, customised drive solutions with state-of-the-art technology. The enhanced functionality of this latest generation of drive systems opens up new fields of application that were previously closed to compact frequency inverters, particularly in mechanical and plant engineering. Switching to the advanced new technology couldn’t be easier: The control systems, the removable terminal block for the control circuit connections and the installation dimensions are all fully compatible.

The key component of the inverters’ control software is Mitsubishi Electric’s Advanced Magnetic Flux Vector Control system, which enables precise operation without tachometer feedback. Until now, this system has only been available in higher-output inverters. Two other operating modes, flux vector control and V/f control, are also available for less demanding drive applications.

Removable terminal blocks and expansion modules enable individ-ual configuration of the inverters and integration in networks. Each inverter has an expansion slot for I/O and communications expan-sion cards. Available expansions include an I/O card with two RS-485 interfaces, a pulse train output and a high-resolution analog signal card. The “Secure Stop” feature prevents unexpected motor starts. Interfaces to common industrial bus systems are also avail-able as option cards. Standard equipment includes an RS-485 port with the Modbus RTU protocol and a USB port on the front panel of the inverter.

The models in this, series, which is the successor to the earlier FR-E500 series, are available with output ratings from 0.4 – 15kW (FR-E740) and 0.4 – 2.2kW (FR-E720S). They are also fitted with wide-range power inputs for 3-phase or single-phase power sup-plies.

Mitsubishi Electric’s presentation of these new frequency inverters at the Hannover Messe 2008 marks the completion of the transition to the new technology generation that the company began with the FR-F700 and FR-A700 series for pump and fan systems and demanding mechanical and plant engineering applications. The new inverter drive generation is characterised by exceptional quality and performance features that are shared by all four series.

Compact and economical: The new vector-controlled micro and compact inverter drives from Mitsubishi Electric deliver advanced technology for a wide range of applications in the output range up to 15kW.



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