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Small drives predict the future…

The smallest Mitsubishi drive saves energy and predicts its own service life.

New efficiency gains for Mitsubishi’s FR-D700 drive are combined with individual on-line support and intelligent energy saving program features, plus the ability to predict the maintenance requirements of its major components.

Mitsubishi’s latest FR-D700 micro inverter drive brings a high level of intelligence to a very small and powerful package. The new features have been combined with the new “My first Mitsubishi” programme, created to offer individual product support tailored to the unit itself. All customers need to do to benefit from the promotion is register the drive online at using the drive’s unique serial number.

This need not be your first D700, or indeed your first Mitsubishi product; registration triggers the despatch of a free programming cable and a download of the advanced FR Configurator software for fast and easy configuration of the new FR-D700 inverter. A tailored set of documentation that relates to the inverter is also provided.

Automatic registration for an invaluable ‘My Mitsubishi’ account is also included. A My Mitsubishi account provides access to a vast range of application data and support information for Mitsubishi automation hardware and software.

From a performance perspective, sensorless vector control provides accurate linear speed transitions and allows the FR-D700 to constantly adjust its settings to meet changing load requirements. An advanced energy optimisation algorithm then delivers the most efficient performance over a range of industrial applications.

Mitsubishi has added ‘intelligent threshold control’ to compensate for a situation where the drive is running with no operational output such as a pump running at minimum speed with no real flow requirement, or a conveyor system, which is running unloaded for a period of time. The drive can stop the motor and be ready to ramp back up to speed instantly, saving a large amount of energy in any application where there is intermittent use.

The D700 monitors its own operation and safety, initiating a warning if the cooling fan becomes erratic for example. Onboard intelligence also allows the D700 to predict the life of major components within the drive so that maintenance can be planned and action taken rather than waiting for a potentially costly unscheduled stoppage. This includes monitoring components such as capacitors and semiconductors for age and operational usage to give a predictive life expectancy. This does not affect the 3-year warranty that comes as standard.

Mitsubishi has also added a drive safety stop within the drive, which will bring a motor to a controlled stop and safely isolate power from the output. The drive will communicate directly with a system safety network, removing the need for separate contactors to break the mains connection in the event of an emergency. This improves safety performance and reduces installation costs.

The drive integrates with other micro products from Mitsubishi such as the compact FX3UC programmable logic controller and the GT1020 operator interface. Mitsubishi's HMI range, Graphic Operator Terminals (GOT) Series products connect directly to a communications port. These can be customised and give graphic-based multi-colour touch screen monitoring and control.

The D700 is suitable for system builders and manufacturing engineers looking to upgrade existing motor installations and get better performance from their plant. It is easy to install as an upgrade or retrofit.

The D700 drive is an ideal solution to control pumps and fans in applications requiring minimum power consumption and can be used in dynamic high torque applications requiring considerable power output for moving substantial loads, either constantly or intermittently. The product range covers 0.4kW to 7.5kW three phase and 0.1kW to 2.2kW single phase.

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