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Mitsubishi Jet Towel: the hygienic hand drying option

29/04/2016 11:20:18
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Facilities managers cannot have a single chink in their armour when it comes to washroom hygiene. Fawn Litchfield of Mitsubishi Electric explains how Jet Towel hand dryers offer multiple lines of defence.

Washrooms, whether in places of work, visitor attractions or public buildings have to address many hygiene issues, not least of which is preventing bacterial transfer, directly or indirectly, between people during hand drying.

Textile towels invite people to use the same towel and used paper towels are usually collected in a bin where bacteria can multiply. Hot air hand dryrs can blast bacteria around the room in a warm, moist bubble, or cause puddles of water to collect on the floor directly below.

This leaves air jet hand dryers as potentially the most hygienic option. Unfortunately, some have the same puddle collection problem as hot air dryers. By contrast, Mitsubishi Electric’s Jet Towel has a built-in drip tray that prevents this problem. This directs water straight into a tank located within the main body of the Jet Towel, access to which is simple, allowing for convenient disposal of the waste water. It also means the Jet Towel does not have to be plumbed into the building’s main water disposal system. As a result, the floor and surrounding surfaces stay clean and dry, do not encourage the growth of fungus and do not create a slip hazard.

Jet Towel also has many other features designed to maximise hygiene.

Perhaps the first of these to note is the Jet Towel’s non-contact or touch-free operation. In use, just-washed hands are slipped into the centre of the drying chamber; sensors detect this and switch on the high-speed air flow, which acts to blow moisture off the hands’ surface and towards the drain in the bottom of the chamber. This reduces the chances of microbial transfer from person to person to virtually nil.

Significantly, the air intakes are located at the bottom of the Jet Towel unit. That is to say, they are as far from the drying chamber as possible so that there is no recirculation of used air, which could carry bacteria; All Jet Towel parts that are exposed to water are impregnated with an antimicrobial material that contains silver ions, which disrupt bacteria’s protein synthesis and so inhibit growth and multiplication.

Further, the materials of construction are alcohol-resistant, so that effective cleaning agents can be used on Jet Towels. Jet Towel’s clean-lines, open-side design and easy-hand access all over make for easy cleaning.

In fact, the Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towel hand dryer has been accredited with NSF/ANSI 169 certification by NSF International (NSF) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in recognition of its hygienic operation. This demonstrates its suitability for use in healthcare, catering and other situations where sanitation is a primary concern.

NSF is a highly trusted and accepted certification and is often required by health institutions, catering establishments, food preparation plants, vet surgeries and other installations where bacterial transfer and microbial management are key concerns. Equipment with the NSF mark receives improved acceptance worldwide and guaranteed regulatory acceptance in North America.

Other certifications awarded to Jet Towel include Green Spec Approval and the UK Government’s Energy Technology List for its energy efficiency. It has also received awards from the Noise Abatement Society, its whisper-quiet operation from only 56dB being appreciated in venues such as luxury hotels, conference venues, libraries, universities and dormitories.

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Photo 1: Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towel hand dryer has been accredited with NSF/ANSI 169 certification by NSF International (NSF) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in recognition of its hygienic operation.

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About Mitsubishi Jet Towel

Mitsubishi Electric’s first Jet Towel was launched in 1993 and the version now available in Europe is in the eighth generation of its development. It has proved a winner with installers for its high tech elegance, with operators for its low running cost and reliability, and with users for its convenience, speed, hygiene and innovative design. The Jet Towel has high environmental credentials, avoiding the use of paper towels or rolled cloth and lowering power consumption and noise levels to a fraction of alternative hot air dryers.

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