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Jet Towels enhance the magic of the movies

30/03/2017 10:27:57
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ImagesClick Image for 300dpi jpg fileJet Towels enhance the magic of the moviesJet Towels enhance the magic of the movies

Theatre and cinema operators strive to get every detail at their venues right so that customers have a great overall experience as well as seeing the performance of their choice.

So when one cinema wanted to ensure the hand dryers in its public bathrooms were ultra-quiet and would not be heard in the foyer and corridors, the management decided to investigate options.

They looked at many different dryers and, in consultation with building services consultants G&W Contracting and electrical wholesaler Electric Center, decided that the best choice was the Jet Towel Slim from Mitsubishi Electric.

Jet Towel Slims are hands-in dryers that use cutting edge technology to provide quiet, fast, hygienic and energy efficient operation.

At its heart Jet Towel Slim units use an advanced motor technology that produces very little noise. This is coupled with air nozzles that are designed to create turbulence-free laminar air flow, which again keeps noise generation to an absolute minimum. The result is that Jet Towel Slim operates at a whisper quiet 56-59dB and sets new standards for noise reduction.

In fact, noise generation is a sign of inefficient operation, so as well as being quiet, Jet Towels are also very energy efficient, with power consumption from only 550W to 1240W. This leads to reduced running costs and a long operational life.

The internal geometry of the drying chamber works together with the design of the air nozzles to ensure that the airflow is effective in wiping moisture from hands. This is accomplished in typically 9 seconds, compared to about 30 seconds for a conventional hands-under dryer. This can be an important consideration in cinemas, where there is often a rush of users before programmes start - and another rush when the film finishes.

Marcus Pennyfield, Manager of Electrical Center in Swindon, comments: “Jet Towels are very, very quiet, so are ideal for noise sensitive environments, such as cinemas, theatres and restaurants. Also their modern motors and rapid drying time means Jet Towels consume very little energy per use, a saving which can add up to a very significant reduction in electrical consumption in a busy public building.”

Jet Towel Slims are non-contact in operation: users just place their hands into the drying chamber and they switch on automatically. This reduces the chance of bacterial transfer from person to person compared to button-start units. Further, the moisture from just washed hands is directed straight into a drip tray, rather than been blown around the washroom or left to puddle on the floor. As a further defence against bacteria, the whole Jet Towel is made from silver ion anti-microbial material.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Neil Butler says: “The cinema has chosen the stylish black finish option for its Jet Towels, to match the sophisticated decor of its bathrooms. Other colours available include brilliant white and silver.

“Jet Towel was the original high speed hand dryer and grows in popularity year on year. They are already installed in cinemas, playhouses and concert venues around the country, as well as in many other buildings such as offices, conference centres, colleges and hotels.”

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Images 1+2: Jet Towel Slims are hands-in dryers that use cutting edge technology to provide quiet, fast, hygienic and energy efficient operation.

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About Mitsubishi Jet Towel

Mitsubishi Electric’s first Jet Towel was launched in 1993 and the version now available in Europe is in the eighth generation of its development. It has proved a winner with installers for its high tech elegance, with operators for its low running cost and reliability, and with users for its convenience, speed, hygiene and innovative design. The Jet Towel has high environmental credentials, avoiding the use of paper towels or rolled cloth and lowering power consumption and noise levels to a fraction of alternative hot air dryers.

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