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RMI brings new high pressure pump stations on line

04/09/2014 10:08:30
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ImagesClick Image for 300dpi jpg fileRMI brings new high pressure pump stations on lineRMI brings new high pressure pump stations on line

As China aims to improve its coal mine safety record, it is investing in new, large-scale mining operations with modern equipment, while also improving the safety and productivity of the medium sized enterprises. In order to assist this initiative, RMI has launched a range of high pressure pump stations which are designed to provide a cost effective pumping system; predominantly used for powering the roof support systems.

RMI Pressure Systems has been involved with the Chinese coal mining industry for 30 years, installing high pressure pumping systems in over 10 provinces across China. It has also established a sales and service network designed to provide extensive product support to this important market. With safety and reliability being improved, especially in the largest mines, attention is now being focussed on the smaller mines.

The new Streamline range of pump stations has been developed specifically for the second tier mines and has been created using a standard product offering. This approach has allowed RMI to increase the scale of production, and therefore reduce the manufacturing costs for the range without reducing any of the safety and reliability factors.

Based around its S range of pumps, RMI has developed six models in the Streamline range; three for emulsion systems and three for water systems. Renowned for producing one of the most reliable reciprocating pumps in the mining industry, RMI has maintained its focus on material selection and machining tolerances which ensure it continues to deliver high efficiency and excellent reliability.

The emulsion systems are supplied with three S375 pumps, which operate as duty, assist and standby and are supplied by two tanks. The water systems operate with two S300 pumps, on a duty / standby arrangement, and come with one supply tank. Both systems are controlled by the same, well proven, technology which is found on the existing range of larger pumping stations.

For further details on the Streamline range contact RMI Pressure Systems by e-mail:

Photo Captions:

Photo 1: The new Streamline range of pump stations has been developed specifically for the second tier mines and has been created using a standard product offering

Photo 2: The Streamline assembly is based around the S range of high pressure, crankshaft driven, reciprocating plunger pumps

About RMI Pressure Systems

For more than a century, RMI has been producing premium-quality high-pressure pumps for global mining and industrial applications. An early innovator in the design and manufacture of high-pressure systems for Longwall mining, today RMI employs the expert resources at its UK engineering research centre to great effect, introducing new solutions designed to reduce process complexity and optimise customers' productivity.

The collaborative relationships RMI forms with clients creates a climate of proactive response, inspiring progress and resulting in consistently high service levels. At RMI, we aim to deliver enhanced value and reliability to customers, focusing our efforts on helping them to become more productive by cutting operational costs and boosting output. We can only achieve these advancements by listening to - and learning from - the issues that are important to our clients. It is this unwavering commitment to the learning process that helps RMI drive innovation with, and for, the customer. It elevates our ability to better serve our customers - and, ultimately, the world in which we live.

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