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High Pressure Pumps achieve long term approval in China

09/10/2014 10:01:31
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ImagesClick Image for 300dpi jpg fileHigh Pressure Pumps achieve long term approval in China

RMI Pressure Systems has taken a major step forward in expanding its support of the Chinese mining market by achieving a 5 year mining approval certificate for its complete product range, including the pump control system. The company has now been issued with the certificates, concluding an extended process which included detailed examinations of both the products and the production facilities.

As a global leader in the supply of high-pressure and high-volume fluid pumping stations, RMI has been involved with the Chinese coal mining industry for over 30 years. It has been installing high pressure pumping systems in over 10 provinces across China and it has also established a sales and service network designed to provide extensive product support to this important market.

Until this point, RMI, like many of its competitors, has applied for batch certification, which states that the product in question has met the applicable requirements; but the certification is only valid for a very restricted time. Any subsequent shipments, even of the same model, from the same factory would require a new certificate.

In order to simplify the importation process for the increasing numbers of high pressure pumps be sold to the Chinese mining industry, RMI submitted applications for the entire product range over 2 years ago and has been working through the process ever since. This has involved technical reviews, a factory audit and random product testing before a general review ultimately led to the 5 year approval certificate being issued.

The certificates are issued by the Mining Products Safety Approval and Certification Center (MA Center) and they encompass the entire pump range from the S200 up to the S500 pump station, in both water and emulsion configurations, as well as the PC21 control system. Coupled with the recent move to a new headquarters in Manchester, RMI is expecting to reduce lead times and improve sales even further within the Chinese market.

Mike Sherman, RMI Marketing Manager, comments: "Achieving long term MA approval in China is a huge step that validates our company values of high quality and excellent reliability. An enormous effort has made this possible and now we will be able to improve our delivery times and continue to support the Chinese mining market."

For over 100 years the company’s research and manufacturing facilities have consistently delivered innovative, practical solutions for customers across the globe. With particular expertise within the mining industry, both above and below ground, many of RMI's most popular products include certifications and approvals from some of the world's leading mining organisations.

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Photo 1: RMI Pressure Systems has taken a major step forward in expanding its support of the Chinese mining market by achieving a 5 year mining approval certificate for its complete product range

About RMI Pressure Systems

For more than a century, RMI has been producing premium-quality high-pressure pumps for global mining and industrial applications. An early innovator in the design and manufacture of high-pressure systems for Longwall mining, today RMI employs the expert resources at its UK engineering research centre to great effect, introducing new solutions designed to reduce process complexity and optimise customers' productivity.

The collaborative relationships RMI forms with clients creates a climate of proactive response, inspiring progress and resulting in consistently high service levels. At RMI, we aim to deliver enhanced value and reliability to customers, focusing our efforts on helping them to become more productive by cutting operational costs and boosting output. We can only achieve these advancements by listening to - and learning from - the issues that are important to our clients. It is this unwavering commitment to the learning process that helps RMI drive innovation with, and for, the customer. It elevates our ability to better serve our customers - and, ultimately, the world in which we live.

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