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New development means replacement of conventional SN and SD ranges
of plummer blocks with split roller bearings is possible for the first time.
Split roller bearings offer dramatically reduced downtime in assembly, maintenance and replacement situations compared to solid bearings, yet users have been prevented from using them in many applications because of their dimensional incompatibility with standard SN and SD plummer block sizes. Revolvo’s launch of its SN and SD series SRB Split Roller Bearing units overcomes this problem, providing an easy retrofit solution, which offers full dimensional interchangeability with conventional SN & SD series plummer blocks, and requires no dimensional or major structural changes to customer’s machinery.
Revolvo’s development of an interchangeable split roller bearing plummer block unit is highly significant, because spherical roller bearings mounted in cast iron plummer blocks are amongst the most common bearing types in use across all industry sectors. They are used to support rotating shafts in everything from conveyors & fans, to line shafts & mill motors. Yet despite their widespread usage, replacement is usually time-consuming and difficult, due to the necessity to remove adjacent equipment. In fact, replacing a typical bearing mounted in a cast iron plummer block can take anything from several hours to many days; in contrast, replacement of SRB split roller bearing units can take as little as 1-2 hours.
The problem that Revolvo has addressed in its development of their SN & SD series split roller bearing plummer block units, is that there is no ISO standard governing the boundary dimensions for split bearings. Until now, this has meant that if a bearing user wanted to replace a solid bearing with a split bearing, there was a major problem, resulting from the fact that shaft centres are higher on split roller bearing units. As a result, the user would need to raise his shaft centres if the replacement process was to take place. However, this is a major undertaking, possibly requiring structural changes to machinery, which is both time consuming and expensive. Consequently it has always been the biggest drawback in changing from solid to split bearings.                                                                      
Revolvo’s new SRB SN and SD series split roller bearings overcome this problem by being dimensionally interchangeable with conventional industry standard SN and SD ranges of plummer blocks. These new SRB bearings provide a revolution in downtime reduction and plant operating efficiency. They are convenient and quick – up to 85% quicker than solid bearings - to fit and remove from shafts; and they dramatically reduce the time required to change trapped bearings. In addition, they have a new design of cage clip, which is retained via spiral pins to one half of the cage during assembly and disassembly. This is important, because lost bearing cage clips can halt production as effectively as any breakdown. However, with Revolvo’s retained design the maintenance engineer benefits from a “free hand”, which can only speed up the bearing replacement process.
In addition to their primary role of reducing downtime, Revolvo’s SRB split roller bearings offer users performance advantages not found in solid bearings. First, SRB bearing units are designed to be statically self-aligning. This means that there is no need to accurately realign the bearing housing to the shaft or any other in-line equipment, which might be involved during the installation. Second, SRB split roller bearings offer users much improved reliability, due to their ability to accommodate thermal expansion of the shaft within the bearing envelope itself.
Third, SRB split roller bearings perform reliably in high temperature environments, up to 140 oC without problems. They are also ideal for use in aggressive environments, due to the performance of the sealing systems available. In fact, the SRB product has inherent advantages over traditional solid bearings in the area of sealing. This is because the spherical location between the cartridge housing and pedestal support ensures that under conditions of shaft misalignment, the seals always remain concentric to the shaft. As a result, SRB split roller bearing units perform exceptionally well in harsh operating conditions, even with shaft misalignment, whereas solid mounted bearings can suffer from non-concentric ineffective seals that will rapidly lead to expensive premature bearing failure.
Fourth and final, Revolvo’s SN and SD series split bearings satisfy the demands of specific industries where there is a requirement to inspect bearings at regular intervals, as part of a planned maintenance campaign.
Revolvo’s design makes this procedure a simple one. It provides “Pry” slots to enable disassembly of the cartridge housing & support pedestal, reducing the likelihood of components being broken, especially in applications where the bearing unit has been installed for some time, and/or where the environment is contaminated.
About Revolvo Ltd
Revolvo Ltd has been producing high quality rolling element bearings since 1968. Over nearly four decades, the company has developed a detailed understanding of the requirements of a diverse range of industries, including  Defence, Motorsport, Metal Processing, Power Generation, Petrochemical, Railways and Steel.
Revolvo serves these industries with a flexible, high quality manufacturing facility, focusing on the production of ball, roller, and split roller bearings. This is backed up with a full technical support service to provide assistance in bearing selection, and also a custom design service to meet the needs of specific applications
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