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Revolvo Ltd, part of the WYKO Group of companies, is showing its comprehensive range of SRB split roller bearings on stand number P136 at Hillhead. SRB split roller bearings help quarry operators to greatly reduce downtime. Unlike solid bearings, they are totally split to the shaft, a design that both simplifies and expedites installation and cuts downtime to approximately 10% of that required to replace solid bearings of the same size. Fully interchangeable with competitive products on the market, Revolvo’s SRB bearings also provide superior sealing arrangements, which means longer bearing life with greatly reduced levels of maintenance.                
From the technical, economic and pure design point of views, SRB split roller bearings offer a host of advantages and cut downtime significantly. The SRB bearing is completely split to the shaft, which allows for complete bearing removal and replacement by simply supporting the shaft, without the need to lift it, or obtain access to the shaft ends, therefore expensive and awkward to handle lifting equipment is not required. This intrinsic feature is extremely valuable, generally, but especially regarding large machines, where sheer weight and size can be a barrier to fast and effective servicing. It allows for much faster bearing replacement, which can save continuous-type businesses such as the quarrying industry a lot of money in costly downtime.
In addition to offering overall cost advantages, another major reason for replacing solid bearings with SRB split bearings in quarrying applications is the effectiveness of the sealing systems available. In this area SRB split bearings have inherent advantages over the traditional sealing systems used with bearings such as spherical roller types.
The advantages are intrinsic to the SRB split design: with SRB bearings, the spherical location between the cartridge housing and pedestal support ensures that under conditions of shaft misalignment, and irrespective of what type of seal is used, the seal will always remain concentric to the shaft. As a result, SRB split roller bearings perform exceptionally well in harsh operating conditions (in some cases underwater) even with shaft misalignment, whereas solid mounted roller bearings can suffer from non-concentric ineffective seals that will rapidly lead to expensive premature bearing failure.
With its many new design features, Revolvo’s range of SRB split roller bearings meets and surpasses all the demands of the users in the quarrying industry, and also those of users in many other demanding industries. Manufactured in Dudley, in the West Midlands, in a plant that is benefiting from over £1.5 million of investment in new machinery, the range is available in Light, Medium and Heavy series in sizes from 35mm to 600mm diameter, plus imperial equivalents, and larger non-catalogue sizes up to 1500 mm outside diameter.
For reader enquiries contact: Adrian Menzies, Sales and Marketing Director, Revolvo Ltd, Queens Cross, Dudley, West Midlands. DY1 1QW. Tel: 01384 844000 Fax: 01384 – 844255. Web.
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