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REVOLVO’S SRB Split Roller Bearings prove their reliability by taking 100 degree heat for 3 years in drying cylinders at Lothlorien Paper Mill
Installed more than three years ago, and operating in ambient temperatures constantly exceeding 100 degrees Celsius, Revolvo SRB split roller bearings have now been deemed to have ‘successfully’ replaced the original bronze-bush bearings on the drying cylinders at Lothlorien’s Pty Ltd paper mill – a leading South African manufacturer of tissue paper from recycled fibres.
Adrian Menzies, Revolvo’s Sales & Marketing Director puts the success down to the bearings being fundamentally fit-for-purpose in their ability to cope with demanding applications. ‘Part of the reason why SRB split roller bearings are operating successfully after three years in such a harsh operating environment is the fact that they are specifically designed to be extremely tolerant of adverse working conditions, whilst having the capability to support very high loads, rather than a conventional solid bearing design that may have to be adapted to meet demanding applications.’
SRB split-roller bearings accommodate shaft thermal growth by the movement of the inner race and rollers relative to the outer race of the bearing. This arrangement permits a high degree of unrestricted axial movement within the bearing envelope, allowing for thermal expansion of the shaft whilst avoiding additional stresses within the bearing. It also allows standard bearing operating temperatures up to 140oC without problems, and operating speeds comparable with solid spherical roller bearings on the market, making it ideally suited for the application in the drying cylinders running consistently at over 100oC at Lothlorien paper.
The principle of the SRB Split Roller Bearing design allows for complete bearing removal and replacement by simply supporting the shaft. There is no need to lift the shaft, or obtain access to the shaft ends, therefore expensive and awkward to handle lifting equipment is not required. This intrinsic feature is extremely valuable, generally, but especially regarding large machines, where sheer weight and size can be a barrier to fast and effective servicing. It allows for much faster bearing replacement, which was a key                              
reason why Lothlorien opted for SRB Split Roller Bearings. The Plant Manager commented, "To replace a typical solid roller bearing can take six to eight hours, whereas with split bearings it takes one or two hours - which saves us a lot of money in costly downtime."
Revolvo SRB split roller bearings were designed from Day One as a premium product to accommodate high loads and offer long life. This quality is reflected in the use of optimised profiled cylindrical rollers with bored pocket machined brass cages as standard, where other designs rely on parallel rollers and weaker aluminium cages. The SRB split bearing design is also superior to that of spherical-roller bearings where the entire bearing has to float within the plummer block to accommodate shaft thermal expansion. The high friction between the bearing outer race and the bearing housing causes additional stresses within the bearing, which reduces reliability and life.
Split-roller bearings can also accommodate a high degree of shaft misalignment making them ideal for use in heavy applications such as those within paper mills. The bearings are enclosed by a cartridge housing that swivels within the cast-iron support pedestal; this feature ensures that the seals always remain concentric to the shaft thus further extending the potential life of the bearing, as contaminants are effectively excluded.
Adrian Menzies adds, ‘About 70% of the bearings supplied are for conversion applications where solid conventional roller bearings are being removed and the application converted to SRB Split Roller Bearings to save bearing fitting time and improve machine up-time and maintenance efficiency.’
For reader enquiries contact: Adrian Menzies, Sales and Marketing Director, Revolvo Ltd, Queens Cross, Dudley, West Midlands. DY1 1QW. Tel: 01384 844000 Fax: 01384 – 844255. Web.
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