Ambic specifies Spelsberg custom enclosures for dairy farming hygiene applications

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ImagesClick Image for 300dpi jpg fileAmbic specifies Spelsberg custom enclosures for dairy farming hygiene applications
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Ambic Equipment Ltd., a leading manufacturer of dairy hygiene and livestock health management products, is using customised enclosures from Spelsberg UK to house its latest dosing and dilutions system, the EasiDoser™. The enclosures, which are certified for installation in ammonia rich agricultural applications, have been provided with CNC machined entry points and custom mounting plates to speed up the manufacturing process.

Ambic’s products are found in dairy farms around the world. Specialising in Mastitis prevention and Mastitis detection systems, the brand is trusted by thousands of farmers to help protect their livestock; and by extension, their livelihood. The company was founded in 1978 on a philosophy of innovation and quality.

Originally working with the National Institute of for Research in Dairying (NIRD), Ambic now has a dedicated R&D team in-house who are responsible for product development, product improvement and technical support. This has led to recognition and awards at the highest level: including the Prince Philip Award for Research & Development in the field of Dairy Farming. Part of Ambic’s success lies in the commitment it makes to sourcing the best components for all of its products and systems. This includes its enclosures, which are more important to overall product quality than many realise.

Rajesh Shah, RFE Product Manager for Ambic, explains: “When asked to name industries with harsh environments, dairy farming isn’t at the top of many peoples’ list. However, the reality is that dairy equipment is exposed to mechanical, thermal and chemical loads as high, or higher, than the average industrial setting. In the milking parlour for example our products are exposed to high ammonia and humidity levels, to say nothing of the risk of mechanical stress imposed by an excitable cow.

“When designing a new product one of our first considerations has to be how to protect the delicate PCB, pumps and wiring from these conditions. Over the years we’ve learned that Spelsberg is an enclosures supplier we can trust, so often the first call we make is to their sales engineers.”

Spelsberg UK is the largest ex-stock supplier of non-metallic electrical enclosures in the UK. With extensive CNC and installation facilities at its headquarters in Telford, it is able to work with OEMs and designers to deliver an almost infinite range of housing solutions that can be perfectly tailored to meet the need of any application. Spelsberg understands the unique demands of the farming and agricultural industries, which is why most of its enclosures are certified to DLG standards (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft or German Agricultural Society).

Clare McCusker, Area Sales Manager for Spelsberg UK, adds: “We’ve been working with Ambic for many years and supply customised enclosures for a lot of their products. It’s a UK manufacturer with a fantastic reputation across Europe and further afield, so it’s great that we are able to play a small part in the continued success of the business. When Rajesh approached us for his latest application we were more than happy to help and quickly offered a solution which would work with his overall design.”

The EasiDoser™ is a range of automated dosing and dilution systems which dispense and dose precise quantities of fluid for cleaning or sanitisation purposes. The device has an LCD display and keypad on the front of the unit for easy set up and is fully configurable to suit a range of applications. The system is based on combining Ambic’s well proven range of RFE low-volume and high volume peristaltic pumps with a new microprocessor control system which has been developed in-house.

Rajesh continues: “I approached Spelsberg with a precise set of criteria for the EasiDoser™. I needed to be able to source different sizes of enclosures which not only ensured the usual high level protection, but would also accommodate the microprocessor and LCD display as well as working with the pumps and other components that make up the system. As usual, Spelsberg understood what we needed and came back to us with a bespoke engineered solution which answered all of my original requests.

“The customised entry solutions and bespoke mounting plate makes installation simple and helps to maximise the reliability of the finished product. We’re extremely happy with the solution provided, which is precisely what we’ve come to expect from Spelsberg.”

Spelsberg supplies Ambic with a number of different enclosure designs, including its popular TK and TG range, as well as various customisation services such as CNC machining and bespoke mounting plates. Its expert sales engineers are able to offer design advice throughout the specification process and can deliver pre-installed enclosures upon request. Contact Spelsberg UK to find out more.

About Spelsberg

Spelsberg is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical enclosures in the world. With over 4,000 enclosures available as standard and further customisation possible, it offers solutions for almost any application.

With the largest supply of non-metallic enclosures, ex-stock in the UK, its products are often available for delivery within 24 hours; customisation is possible on any product, including bespoke entries, engraved corporate logos or fitted terminals, within 48 hours. Products can be ordered direct from Spelsberg or from most leading supply specialists including RS, Rapid, Farnell and CPC.

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