Spelsberg enclosures held as stock in the UK…

12/06/2019 13:49:42
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Today’s electrical design engineers, OEMs and installers are under immense pressure to deliver projects quickly – often facing punitive fees for late delivery. In order to remain competitive in this environment it is essential that they are able to rely on their component suppliers to meet demand and never miss a delivery.

Spelsberg is the largest ex-stock supplier of non-metallic electrical enclosures in the UK – and will be holding stock throughout 2019.

Chris Lloyd, Managing Director of Spelsberg UK, comments: “Spelsberg’s manufacturing facility in Germany is probably the biggest in Europe that is devoted entirely to non-metallic electrical enclosures. Despite the massive investment that has been made on the continent, we made the decision years ago to invest in our UK infrastructure.

“This means we now operate from a large, Midlands based warehouse facility with in-house CNC capabilities and a permanently manned assembly line. Our UK customers still benefit from the manufacturing quality of Spelsberg in Germany, but we are a local supplier that can guarantee delivery of product from UK stock.”

The availability of UK stock has always been important. However, with continuing uncertainty of how the borders will operate in the months following Brexit, there has never been more focus on the issue.

Chris continues: “A lot of our customers have been asking us what will happen post-Brexit. The truth is we don’t know for sure – nobody does. However, our business model is based around holding UK stock, so we don’t rely on a ‘Lean’ delivery network from Germany. We will continue to dispatch all orders from within the UK, ensuring that our customers are not affected by any potential customs delays.”

Photograph Caption: Spelsberg is the largest ex-stock supplier of non-metallic electrical enclosures in the UK – and will be holding stock throughout 2019.

About Spelsberg

Spelsberg is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical enclosures in the world. With over 4,000 enclosures available as standard and further customisation possible, it offers solutions for almost any application.

With the largest supply of non-metallic enclosures, ex-stock in the UK, its products are often available for delivery within 24 hours; customisation is possible on any product, including bespoke entries, engraved corporate logos or fitted terminals, within 48 hours. Products can be ordered direct from Spelsberg or from most leading supply specialists including RS, Rapid, Farnell and CPC.

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