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The new IP66 protected HT Series from Spelsberg is designed to remove the assembly and specification cost from installing thermostats in trace heating applications. The lower temperature versions are ideal for use as frost protection for water systems in buildings while the higher temperature range units are designed for industrial process applications. Using Spelsberg’s own tough TK enclosures and versatile RK range of DIN rail terminals, the HT Series provides off-the-shelf temperature control in the range of 00C -400C, 300C -1200C and 500C - 3200C. Spelsberg is also able to offer bespoke solutions using other thermostats and accessories, providing a flexible and quick to install solution for controlling the heat of fluids in pipes and header tanks.
Using the HT Series, Maintenance Engineers, process companies and building services providers should all be able to reduce the overall cost and complexity of temperature management tasks. There are two standard models, one designed for ambient air temperature monitoring and one for contact monitoring. Both versions offer IP66 ingress protection and are suitable for outdoor use.
Options include clear, polycarbonate lids and neon lights for status indication, “Supply” and “Heating” great aid for commissioning and fault finding. The thermostats fitted are high performance; precise and robust liquid filled adjustable temperature units. These are mounted inside the enclosure alongside terminal blocks for wiring and a range of knock-out cable entry options on each side.
The enclosures are light and durable, unaffected by UV and not prone to corrosion, unlike metal alternatives. The sealing is maintained thanks to a simple clamping cable gland used specifically for fitting the thermostat probe through the enclosure wall, while providing a rigid fixing and physical protection outside the box.
‘The real cost savings for the customer are gained from the convenience this unit offers’, comments Alan Cameron of Spelsberg, who has developed the HT units with several of Spelsberg’s clients, ‘projects can be completed quickly and easily using this, a tried and tested solution, while all time and effort it would take an engineer to source the components and then assemble the unit can be saved.
Recent application examples include the use of trace heating on emergency safety showers for chemical spills in processing plants; due to recent changes in legislation the water will now have to be kept tepid, this is required so as not to send the user into shock by dropping gallons of near freezing water on them’ Cameron adds. ‘Another example on process chemical pipe heating included an aggressive alkaline environment and meant that the TK  Polycarbonate and Polystyrene material options proved essential; as Polycarbonate is the usual option due to slightly higher impact resistance but is not suitable for high alkaline exposure, Polystyrene, which is fine in alkaline environments, provided the perfect solution.”
All the components in the HT Series can be customer specified for a particular application, Spelsberg can still supply the units fully assembled and kitted if necessary with any accessories needed such as mounting fixtures and cable glands. Spelsberg can also pre-cut bespoke entries, engrave text and fit additional terminals where necessary. The HT Series is stocked and assembled in the UK at Spelsberg’s Telford headquarters where the company holds the largest range of ex-stock plastic enclosures available in the UK.
For further information contact: Graham Fox, Spelsberg els UK LTD,
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