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Spelsberg has teamed up with WAGO to provide one of the fastest and safest wiring systems possible by incorporating a new mounting system for screw-less WAGO connectors and DIN Rail terminals within Spelsberg IP65 Abox enclosures. The new mounts offer users increased circuit protection and maximised space for wiring. Less tool-work and fewer screws reduce fitting time and resulting costs whilst helping users guarantee meeting BS7671 wiring regulations with the minimum of fuss.
This first joint project between the two companies aims to take the time out of office fitting, construction wiring and lighting applications by combining the security and convenience of Spelsberg enclosures with the speed of WAGO 222 Series connectors and TOBJOBâS DIN Rail terminals. The new mounts fit the popular Spelsberg Abox range which are available in tough impact resistant polycarbonate or lower cost polystyrene variations and are designed for both indoor and outdoor junction box applications. Added benefits of using Abox enclosures include IP65 ingress protection that can be achieved using traditional glands or with Spelsberg’s patent push-through membrane seals. Offering instant sealing and strain relief the membrane-based design avoids the need for more time-consuming screw based cable glands and cable securing systems.
By using a finger lever based system the WAGO 222 Series 3-pole connectors can securely clamp stripped wire ends without the need for screws, making then a firm favourite amongst electrical contractors. However, due to the effectiveness of the simple clamping and release system the connectors are now being used in a broader range of applications, applications which often require enclosures to protect the connections from heat, impact, moisture ingress and increased demands on strain relief systems.
Spelsberg has worked closely with WAGO on a solution in order to reach these new markets where connections are subjected to potentially harsh environments ranging from factories to farms and office facilities to gardens. Designed for use with the popular Abox SL enclosures, Spelsberg has designed a mounting bracket to hold up to 5 3pole 222 Series connectors.  By using a simple push-fit technique and finger lever release mechanism, the system removes the need for fiddly screw mounting, speeding up installation and re-wiring. New Abox series junction boxes allow users to bring connections closer to the edge of the enclosure body for easier access. The angle and orientation of the mounts also help maximise fitting space and can provide increased resistance to improve the tension threshold of the connections, helping the system conform to BS7671 wiring regulations.
For higher voltage/current applications with more connections, detailed marking and jumpers, WAGO offers the TOBJOBâS DIN Rail terminals, which also provide tool-less clip-in mounting and screw-less wiring connections. Solid or flexible conductors with ferrules can be pushed directly into the TOBJOBâS terminals without requiring tools, further reducing wiring time. To facilitate this wiring process further, Spelsberg has designed a custom, angled 25mm DIN rail mount for it’s larger Abox-i SL enclosures that provide a more natural position for wiring and maximise the workspace within the enclosure, also allowing room for other control components. 
Spelsberg now supply Abox SL and Abox-i SL enclosures, mounting systems and WAGO Series 222 connectors and TOBJOBâS DIN Rail terminals separately or as complete ready-to-wire units. The Abox enclosures also offer maximised flexibility in terms of mounting, cable entries, glands and can be supplied with custom slots, holes and accessories ready fitted. They form part of the Spelsberg range that consists of over 300 different models, making it the widest selection of plastic enclosures ex-stock in the country.  Spelsberg UK’s headquarters are centrally located in Telford, providing customers with immediate access to technical support and next day delivery on all standard items.
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