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Stahlin is one of the best known non-metallic enclosure brands in the US where the company is a clear market leader, it’s claim to fame being that Stahlin enclosures are ‘the most frequently specified fibreglass enclosure products in America’. The company has been manufacturing tough moulded composite enclosures for 50 years and has an impressive product portfolio encompassing twelve major product lines and thousands of configurations.
Jeff McIlroy, Stahlin International Business Manageer & VP of Parent company, Robroy Industries comments on the UK launch, “we interviewed several potential partner companies in the UK and were in no doubt that Spelsberg els UK was our first choice. Spelsberg is already established as the UK’s largest ex-stock supplier of non-metallic enclosures, but with a range of Polycarbonate and Polystyrene enclosures that are complimentary to our fibreglass moulded products. The sales and marketing experience, stock policy and in-house build and modification service offered by Spelsberg gave us great confidence, as it mirrors the Stahlin US operation in many ways; ultimately providing a great fit.’
Graham Fox, MD Spelsberg els UK adds, ‘The Stahlin range represents an excellent opportunity for us, it broadens the Spelsberg range and provides considerably more access to areas of industry where our existing range would not be ideal; specifically hazardous areas, chemical process industries, oil and gas, mobile plant and harsh outdoor environments. The Stahlin range is well proven in some extremely tough applications and does provide very high resistance to weathering, corrosive atmospheres and physical impacts.’
Four of the most popular Stahlin ranges of enclosures are available from stock straight away; these include Diamondsheild, J Series, Durabox and the Classic range. All the enclosures have particular features and benefits but in general terms are ideal for use as instrument housings or junction boxes. Stahlin’s J Series for example offers more than 300 configurations and 13 sizes ranging from 150mm x 100mm to 500mm x400mm. The J Series ensures reliable durability including submersible ratings up to IP68.
All Stahlin products are moulded from the company’s patent pending SolarGuard™ material formulation, delivering extremely high protection from UV degradation. The SolarGuard™ system fights polymer degradation by making it much more difficult for UV light to attack molecular bonds of both primary chains and crosslinks. Second, a special UV Absorber is added to the SolarGuard™ formulation, which acts to absorb UV energy, then to release it without damaging the polymer chain. The neo-pentyl glycol (NPG) isopthalic based resin system of SolarGuard™ also ensures UL 94 5V fire retardancy and provides a much stronger bond of the polymer chain resulting in significantly improved weathering resistance.
All enclosures are available through Spelsberg’s customisation and assembly service. Spelsberg’s in-house customisation service offers enclosures ready fitted with din-rails and bus bars, circuit breakers, colour coded clip-on terminals for rail mounting and a wide selection of cable entry devices from simple push-in protection up to fully clamping IP68 cable glands. Modifications include anything from milling, drilling and engraving to custom cable entries, brand logos or simple instructions. The service provides customers with the benefits of reduced overall costs, faster production time, reduced stock, administration and minimised administration.
Spelsberg els UK is centrally located in Telford offering same or next day dispatch on all stock items.
For further information contact: Graham Fox, Spelsberg els UK Ltd,
Unit 17, Stafford Park 12, Telford, Shropshire, TF3 3BJ. 
Tel: 01952 200716.  Fax: 01952 200725.  E-mail: sales@spelsberg.co.uk

Website: www.spelsberg.co.uk

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