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10 years at the top

“Spelsberg els UK opened its doors in 1998, offering the widest range of non-metallic electrical junction boxes and enclosures available ex-stock in the UK. It was a good start as the company is now recognised as a market leader. ”

Celebrating its tenth year in trading Spelsberg still offers the widest range of polycarbonate composite and polystyrene enclosures available ex-stock in the UK. Graham Fox, UK MD reflects on how the company has achieved success in a highly competitive market.

“We pride ourselves on quality, innovation and customer service; the cornerstones of our business. I know it can sound corny, but if you have these basic elements in place and a dedicated staff to deliver on it, then we have proved that achieving our ambitious growth targets is possible. Spelsberg els UK turnover is now in millions of Euros, having developed strong relationships with innovative UK OEMs and strong distribution channels to achieve substantial sales growth and establish Spelsberg at the top of the market in the UK.” 

In terms of keeping ahead of the market, we are constantly working to deliver innovative products that provide users with added convenience, application specific features and cost savings through faster installation. End users are receiving more aesthetic products that provide longer service life in difficult conditions and smart solutions to traditional problems of corrosion, weathering and water resistance.  The recently introduced Abox GT range is a perfect example, combating the increasing risk of flooding to enclosures by supplying a non-conductive gel to fill a conventional enclosure after it has been fitted and provide electrical insulation from total immersion.

A wide range of solutions is essential, Spelsberg has introduces many innovative new products every year to add to a range of over 300 polycarbonate, polystyrene and aluminium electrical enclosures. They are used for everything from simple connection boxes in domestic and commercial wiring systems, to junction boxes in designer buildings, control cabinets on boats and PCB enclosures for high-tech machinery. The plastic enclosures are available with IP ratings of up to IP68, flame retardant halogen free plastic bodies for use in ATEX Zones 2 and 22 EEx explosive environments, and can be supplied  pre-fitted with a broad range of accessories.

Extensive in-house assembly, modification and customisation services are key elements in satisfying the demands of OEM manufacturers and system integrators. As manufacturing costs and product development times are squeezed, an increasing amount of this work is being subcontracted to Spelsberg. From the company HQ in Telford Spelsberg provides a full in-house design and CNC machining shop for modification and assembly service, from just one enclosure to batch assembly of thousands. Highly customised enclosures are available with virtually no lead times. Not only can Spelsberg cut the costs and time taken to produce a market ready product, but the company can provide an unlimited number of bespoke enclosures at impressive lead times and even stock and source customer components to produce the finished article.

Staying ahead in terms of communication with customers and providing buying flexibility is also important, the company website www.spelsberg.co.uk has links to drawings in PDF format, providing specification details on the full range enclosures, from the company’s most popular range of TK Boxes and the smart new polycarbonate Aboxes, to a wide range of accessories. The site also features the live ‘box-finder’ sizing software, helping designers and installers find the right box quickly. Links are then provided through to purchase products from the likes of RS and Farnell online. A wide range of products are also available through distributors such as CEF, Edmundson, Newey & Eyre and others.

The final cornerstone of the company’s success is in accessing all markets; Spelsberg products can be found virtually everywhere there are electrical connections, from wireless controllers on traffic lights to dustbin lorries, fire engines, lifeboats, Heathrow Terminal 5, McLaren cars HQ through to humble outdoor ponds.

Graham Fox, “The future is without doubt about continuing to provide consistency, in terms of the continued introduction of innovative solutions, more focussed products designed to suit specific applications; consistency of supply, of availability and good old consistency of technical support and reliable deliveries. We are also going to need larger premises shortly!”

Copies of the new Spelsberg UK product Catalogue are available free from Spelsberg, simply email sales@spelsberg.co.uk visit the website at www.spelsberg.co.uk or call 01952 200 716.


For further information contact: Graham Fox, Spelsberg els UK LTD,
Unit 17, Stafford Park 12, Telford, Shropshire, TF3 3BJ. 
Tel: 01952 200 716.  Fax: 01952 200 725. 
sales@spelsberg.co.uk.  Web site: www.spelsberg.co.uk

For editorial and advertising enquiries: Roland Renshaw, DMA Europa. 
2nd Floor, Snuff Mill Warehouse, Park Lane, Bewdley, Worcs, DY12, 2EL.
Tel: 01299 405454.  Fax: 01299 403092.  Email:


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